Guidance Session

For those who seek support, guidance, and healing, this is a wonderful service will provide you with the loving insight you need to see things clearly and align to your ideal circumstances. This session comes with energy healing, Spirit Guide Coaching, soul realignment, human design awareness, and practical guidance. This is great if you are a return client and prefer a single session over longterm support. You can purchase your session in the link below and we will be in touch to schedule your session and to obtain the information needed to create your session.

Coaching Program

For those who want unwavering emotional and spiritual support in trusting their intuition, releasing negativity, and navigating their lives according to their Divinity, design, and conscious intentions. These programs are customized to YOU and what you want to create to create higher levels of love, success, and authentic joy.  All programs contain soul realignment, human design, reiki, and Spirit Guide coaching. These programs are a six month to one year commitment.  This is a VIP experience. Apply for a free Heart Connection Session first.


Your virtual VIP Day is all about you and how you can most live your potential, trust your intuition, and attract higher levels of love, success, and joy. You will reconnect with your Divinity and receive practical guidance  on creating your vision. You will gain insight into your next steps and how you can shine bright as you live according to your inner light and wisdom. The modalities used here are soul realignment, human design, reiki, and Spirit Guide Coaching. This comes with a follow-up session and email support. Apply for a free Heart Connection Session first.

Relationship Reading

Already in a relationship and want to have an even deeper experience with your partner? A relationship reading enlightens you to opportunities to transform your relationship into a conscious partnership filled with passion, love, and co-creation.

Customized Programs

What would it feel like to be completely healed and empowered?  What would it be like to break free of repressing systems and convention? Being a Love Renegade requires passion, courage, and commitment.  Are you ready?

Quiz-What's your Illusion of Relationship™?

Your quiz results will help you...
  • Shed light on your innate talents
  • See clearly how you separate from your inner Love Renegade
  • Receive healing guidance and practical next steps