Leap Into Love Liberation

Each time I connect with a client I am amazed by the wisdom that comes through. I am always left feeling energized and completely in awe.

Each person I work with is so precious and each session is sacred. Being coached, coaching, and watching someone be coached can be a healing experience.

We are all reflections of each other.

Even though we are not all exactly the same (and how boring would it be if we were lol) and some of us may loudly mirror our differences back to each other, all of us endure the same universal patterns and are bound to the same universal laws.

In this Love Liberation Session you will meet Shannon! Shannon has beautiful “pixie-energy” and after healing herself from a chronic illness, toxic relationships, and stepping into a completely new career as a medical intuitive, Shannon is at a choice point.

  • Will she risk getting hurt and opening her heart to love and romance?
  • Will she be courageous and dare to pursue her dream relationship
  • Or will she continue with “business as usual?”

Shannon’s session will be especially insightful for you if any of the following apply:

  • You are feeling guided to take a leap of faith but there is a part of you hanging on (to the past or how things “should” be)
  • You feel obligated to keep certain people in your life
  • You have already done a lot of inner healing work
  • You are curious about how I do what I do

It is my intention that the content in Shannon’s session supports you in saying yes to amazing love and taking a stand for love!

Watch Shannon’s session here: ======>https://youtu.be/xICunMgDj1M

After you watch Shannon’s session, ask yourself:  What does my ideal relationship look and feel like? Then, do some journaling!  (You can even share with me if you like!!)

Are you choosing love or fear?

Have you heard the expression that you can’t find love until you love yourself? How do you feel about that saying?

I believe that while there is some truth to this well-known saying, the underlying wisdom of the popular self-love concept has been neglected.

To shed some light, I created a video for you to explore the concept of self-love through what it is NOT and how to make love-based choices to experience your best relationships and results that you love.

Watch the video by clicking here


Betrayal is a Bitch: A Look into the Messy Energy of Dating

Betrayal is a bitch.  It’s the poison that ruins relationships, the catalyst of a self-esteem plummet. Once we are betrayed…well shit, life just never looks the same again.

The rose color glasses have been stomped on.  Paradise? Lost.

Some of us, the softies, cry. We keep our heads down and distract ourselves as we pray, beg, and even plead with God that we will never, ever be betrayed again.

Then, there are the badasses, those of us naturally dominate folks, who become hardened, jaded, and skeptical. As badasses, we will remove anyone who we perceive as a threat. For this group, any Judas/Brutus is identified immediately and self-protective actions are promptly taken.

Regardless of whichever camp (team softie, camp badass, or flip-flopper) that you are in, you vow to yourself…never again…never will I ever allow this happen!

You plot revenge. You cry. You fantasize about being vindicated as you lie in your rose-thorned-adorned bed.

This is heartbreak.

It’s impossible for betrayal not to result in some type of heartbreak.  When we are heartbroken, our defenses are up. When our defenses are up, our fear is ignited.

Fear is the opposite of love.

If part of you craves being in a loving intimate relationship, a physical expression of love, fear is pretty inconvenient.

When our fear is ignited, we go into self-protection mode.  Self-protection can look like myriad of ways.  For some of us, self-protection looks like we are trying to outrun something.  We distract ourselves with big projects at work. We numb out with partying.  Some of us might create petty drama.

Those of us, fed up with those aspects of self-protection mode, claim that we are done with relationships and dating and that we want to focus on ourselves, first and foremost.

The choice to love yourself is always a wise choice, right?

Yes and no.

Yes in that self-love is a huge component in creating a healthy and fulfilling relationship. No, because highly conscious people like us can use this as an excuse to keep us from having what the relationship that we desire.

Having mixed intentions will never give us what we want, but it does a great job at keeping things as they are.

An intention is a word for whatever motivation (conscious, subconscious, maybe even unconscious) is behind the actions that we take.  Let’s talk about intentions in the context of dating.

Dating is simply a mechanism to craft a relationship.

What if we are afraid to date?  What if the people we attract to go on dates with are total duds or psychos? 

What if we are really busy and dating just doesn’t excite us or feel worth it anymore?

What if we are super traumatized by past experiences that our fear has helped us substantially to live fully functional lives and dating is a huge unknown?!?

This is where intention comes in.

Intention plays into what we desire, what we fear, and how we see the world.  Intention is based on what we believe is true, what we feel we deserve, and what we think we can get.

What do I believe is universally true?

What do I feel I deserve?

What do I think I can get?

Everything we attract is a result of our intention. If our intentions are love-based, we are going to make love-based decisions.  If they our intentions are fear-based, then we are going to make fear-based choices.

Fear is not the enemy here. We experience fear to guard our hearts and keep us safe from treachery and betrayal. Fear mucks things up when it muddies our intentions and causes us to make fear-based choices that result in us never experiencing what we desire.

You are the catalyst of change.

If you do not like your current circumstances or if you are ready to experience your deepest desires, change is in your hands.

So let’s acknowledge our fears. Let’s honor the circumstances that gave us this wisdom.

Then, let’s change our intention.

Soulmate Series Part 1

Have you ever asked yourself where your soulmate is?

Do you ever spend moments daydreaming about your perfect relationship with the perfect person?

Do you ever wish you could rekindle the flame with your significant other and things could just go back to how they used to be?

If so, you are definitely in good company.

Every human wants to be loved and to experience love.

If you are looking for your “soulmate,” this short video is a must-watch.

Watch the video here.

Word of warning…

I am a Love Renegade.

I am all about breaking the laws of love.

You might be a little shocked.

But here is the thing…the best is yet to come.

Stop Driving Yourself Crazy

It happens time and time again.  Beautiful and success people, mainly women, are driving themselves crazy.  Right now, you might be thinking, “oh I don’t think you are talking to me. I am not that successful.”  Let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth!

(Or maybe you are the opposite and you have it all together.  If this is the case, awesome job!  No need to read any further. )

But if you sometimes feel like you are in a self-esteem slump, know this: you are different.  The success that you have radiates beyond conventional success.  For instance, I am sure that you are the person of whom many of your friends—and maybe even strangers—seek out when they have an issue.  They want to talk to you because they trust you.  You have beautiful energy.  You give great advice.  You have a comforting, no-bullshit attitude.

Here’s the thing though…You are probably pretty hard on yourself.  Just because you are not traveling the world yet or just because you do not live in your Barbie dream house (just kidding) yet, you think that you are not “good enough.”

Maybe you feel like you are incomplete because you just can’t seem to “get it right” in the love department.  Maybe you have been searching for “Mr. Right” and he is nowhere to be found.  Maybe the seemingly “perfect” guy turns out to be a fatal attraction or he is NOT the image he portrayed so well on dates one, two, and three…Maybe you did not even get to date number one.

Whatever it is, keep these truths in mind:

Truth 1- There is no RIGHT way to do anything.

When I first embraced this, I remember feeling both relieved and terrified.  I was relieved because I have always had a rebellious streak, but terrified…because WOW…Now what?!!?

Truth 2- It is NOT your fault. Truthfully, there is no “perfect” person and Mr. Right does not exist.

He does not exist because that is an illusion—ok maybe a delusion—given to us from the media. Everyone has his/her flaws.

In fact, what we perceive as flaws, might just be our most attractive and dynamic quality.

Let me explain…Each one of us has our own inner Love Renegade. Accepting these two truths allowed me to connect more and more deeply with my own inner Love Renegade.  Your Love Renegade is the part of you who:

  • Urges you to break the rules and color outside the lines.
  • Radiates beauty and confidence—she trusts that when she comes from love, she creates love—within and around her.
  • Speaks to us in ways that cause our heart to open and for our courage to take over when we feel vulnerable
  • Ignites a spark in you to be your highest potential
  • Alerts us when our personal principles and values—our boundaries—are being tested

When you are in touch with your inner Love Renegade, you are less likely to compare yourself to others. You exude self-confidence.  You come from love and you create love.

How connected are you to your inner Love Renegade?

Do you ever engage with any of the following behaviors?

  • Compare yourself to others—especially to other women
  • Obsess over things (and people) that you cannot control
  • Beat yourself over the head with positive thoughts and affirmations to overpower feelings of worry and fear
  • Run conversations over and over again in your mind to find where you or the other person “went wrong”
  • Feel energetically and emotionally heavy when it comes to passion or relationships
  • Experience frustration with relationships and other people
  • Feel regret for past choices
  • Tell yourself that if only that person could change, things would be so much better

If you have engaged in any of the above, you are not alone! Many of us go through times like this.  There is an ebb and flow to life—especially when it comes to emotions.  Sometimes, we feel great and on top of the world and other times, we are just trying to get through the day.  It happens.

But know this, the behaviors are your heart’s way of asking you to get in touch with your own personal power, your soul.  Connecting with inner Love Renegade can help you do that!

Let’s connect with your inner Love Renegade right now.  Here is how:

  • Write out three things that you do not like about yourself.
  • Do not make these about accomplishments that you have not accomplished or goals that you have not yet achieved.
  • Make these about personality traits that you do not like—you know, the things that you try to keep under wraps when you first start dating—the things that peak out after a month of dating…OR they can be things about you from your past.

NO, WE ARE NOT BEING MEAN HERE!  We are being real.  When we are real, we get to free ourselves from any situation that no longer serves us.

And we are going to do just that with a little alchemy.  🙂

I’ll go first:

  • I am a giant cry-baby.
  • At times, I obsess over things/people that I care about.
  • And (this is one is very embarrassing) I can be a little (ok sometimes very) arrogant.

Don’t I sound like a prize!?!?!  Lol 🙂

Now it is time for some practical alchemy.  Let’s transform those flaws into the gold that they are:

  • I am sensitive.
  • I am passionate.
  • I really, really care and because I care so much, I get to implement the art of “live and let live” on a daily basis!! 🙂 And guess what? Life is soooooo much more fun that way!!!
  • Oh and about the arrogance thing…That has to do with caring so much that sometimes my ego will protect my heart with arrogance…I know that that when the arrogance creeps up, my heart is hurt. When my heart is hurt, I get to address that and heal that within myself.

But what does your self-love alchemy formula look like?  What gold will you create from your alchemical lead or flaws?

Whenever I find myself feeling a little down, my inner Love Renegade reminds me that I have a choice to transform my fear or pain into my biggest asset and greatest opportunity.

Self-awareness is sexy. 

I mean think about it.  If you can OWN the things about yourself that on the surface “aren’t too great,” then you have so much power.  You do not have to worry about being “found out.”  There is really nothing that anyone could say to you that would hurt your feelings. You do not have to hide your less desirable qualities or let them get the better of you.  Instead you can use it to your advantage, and create some really loving results.

Quiz-What's your Illusion of Relationship™?

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