Soul Reading + Coaching 

Do you want to know who you are at Soul-level?  Do you desire to reconnect with your inner wisdom and gain deeper levels of self-trust, self-love, and self-confidence and higher levels of healing? Do you want to become a powerful creator and attracter of Love?

The Soul Reading + Coaching package is a wonderful way for you to heal and step into your whole and complete self and become enlightened to the following:

  • Your soul-level gifts and talents

  • Illumination on how your soul is wired to give and receive Love

  • Insight into the soul-level blocks that separate you from Love and block you from having the life and relationships you desire

  • Practical guidance on how to implement this sacred information




The Soul Reading + Coaching Package includes the following:

  • 90 minute Soul Reading
  • 60 minute Intuitive Coaching Session
  • Email Supports in between those two sessions (approximately three weeks)
  • Customized 21 Day Prayer Practice
  • Session Recording
  • Energy healing and clearing 

Both sessions are delivered over Zoom video conferencing, unless special arrangements are made for a phone appointment. 

The Soul Reading + Coaching package is $1200. If you have questions about this service, please contact Lauren at lauren at love renegades dot com or apply for a free session here. 


Lauren doesn’t wave a magic wand. She showed me the right doors to walk through and helped to keep me on track in creating new pathways for myself; it was my job to engage with the insights and information that I received. Lauren helped me to leap into actions that were incredibly important to my entire life—actions I neither would have even recognized as necessary nor, in many cases, had the courage to take without her clearly guided support. As I made new choices with Lauren’s highly individualized guidance, old habits of mind and action began to drop away, and I regularly experienced encouraging new shifts and manifestations in my life.

– Karlita, Nurse Practitioner & Astrologer


Working with Lauren is a wonderful experience! She so powerfully sees you for not only who you are but for your potential as well. I particularly appreciate the joy and ease she brings to conversations about topics that might otherwise feel to risky to discuss. If you are facing a difficult time regarding relationships and other matters of the heart, I recommend talking with Lauren. I think you’ll be glad that you did!


After notification of payment is received, Lauren [or someone from the Love Renegades Team] will contact you via email to schedule your session and to obtain information needed to create your session.

*All sales are final and refunds are not offered.

Quiz-What's your Illusion of Relationship™?

Your quiz results will help you...
  • Shed light on how to reconnect with Love
  • See clearly how you separate from your inner Love Renegade
  • Receive healing guidance and practical next steps