Psychic Boutique

Grand Tableau

This 75-minute session is a predictive psychic reading that gives you a clear and accurate snapshot of the future. You will receive guidance from Spirit in navigating the future. This session is delivered over Zoom and is currently priced at $277.

Soul Quench

This 90-minute session gives you clear insight into your Divine path and your innate uniqueness, via the Akashic Records and Human Design. You will leave the session with a powerful reconnection to your inner wisdom. This session is delivered over Zoom and is $597.

Pet Psychic Healer

This service fully supports your pet, the relationship you have with your pet, and their well-being.  In this unique service, I will share your pet’s messages with you, give recommendations, and communicate your perspective as well. This service starts at $85.

Psychic Session

In 30 minutes or less, you will receive guidance and clarity on any relationship and life situation. Lauren will use a blend of techniques and use her laser-focus to assist you. This session is delivered over Zoom and is currently $193.

Psychic Healing

This is a mystical energy healing treatment connects you to your Divine Essence and to Spirit. On a mutually agreed-upon day, you will receive energy healing and a detailed report delivered via email. This service is $211. 

Spirit Love

A six-month experience with an abundance of support to assist you in seeing clearly and navigating your life with confidence. The service begins at $4.5K. Please book a free Sacred Inquiry for more details. 

“I have been working with Lauren on an “as needed” basis for over 7 years now. She has consistently met me with her natural-born psychic skills as well as an ever-growing tool bag of enlightening modalities that are always mind-blowing, honest, compassionate, and EXACTLY  what I needed. She’s fully present in her commitment to help me understand myself and how life is arranging itself around me, and she’s always been available to help me more when I just wasn’t getting it. Lauren brings insight and depth in her own valuable way and I am so grateful to be on the receiving end. I so look forward to working with her life-long as she continues to build and deepen her superpowers.


Artist & Business Owner

About Lauren Kay Wyatt

About Lauren Kay Wyatt

Psychic, Healer, Coach, Pet Psychic

Hi, I’m Lauren.  I have been serving clients since 2012.  My main areas of focus are love, relationships, healing, and life path.  I am also an animal communicator and energy healer. I love assisting my clients in navigating the future in a healed and empowered way as their best self.  I give unconditional support and accurate guidance that is always in service to the client’s highest path. I would love to connect with you.  If you have any questions about any of the services listed here within the psychic boutique or about me, please email me at lauren at love renegades dot com.  Blessings and I look forward to serving you.

I’m am so profoundly grateful for you and our work together and all you do for people. You have blessed my life beyond measure and more than I think I even realize. This truly is a whole new start and chapter for me and I know it’s going and is amazing. There is no other way it can or will be. Because of you and our work, my life can now unfold in a way that I didn’t understand was possible. I hoped yes, but never knew that it could. I feel for the first time in lifetimes that a happy healthy relationship is out there and is coming and I can have it. I feel like I can trust in that and know it’s true. It does exist and it will happen in the best way. That is something that I never had before. The best part is I do believe that I will have the relationship I deserve, but more than that, I know that even if I don’t I feel so much inner love for myself and know that I am more fully being the being I was born to be, that it doesn’t matter if I’m in a relationship with just the self or with another.



Next Steps & Other Information

After notification of your payment is received, you will receive an email from lauren at love renegade dot com (or pet psychic healer dot com, if the service you purchase is for a pet healing.)

This email will have intake questions and scheduling information. If you do not receive your email, please check your junk folder. 

Please know that all of our services are delivered in good faith.  Due to the nature of our services, refunds are not offered. These services are not a substitute for medical treatment.

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