Do you…

Seek clarity on a situation or a relationship?

Desire an enlightened perspective?  

Long for deep understanding?

Want some next steps that are spiritual and practical?

Want support in creating your next level of potential?

Want someone to help you detangle emotions and navigate uncertainty?

If so, receive Wisdom, an immersive session where you gain clarity and receive support on resting in your own energy and using your spiritual gifts to create the outcome you desire.

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Wisdom is a 60 minute video session that includes the following:  

Accurate Guidance

Divinity & Human Design Coaching

Spiritual  & Emotional Support

Session recording 

Energy healing

30 minute Follow-up session

Wisdom is $597.


Please know that unless you are only seeking a Human Design Reading from me, Wisdom is for only available to former clients.

InIf you desire a payment plan please email me at lauren at love renegades dot com for details. 

If we have not worked together before, I suggest starting with a Sacred Inquiry, a free introductory explorative intuitive coaching session.

With Love and Wisdom, Lauren lo

You Elixir is $397


After Love Renegades receives a notification of payment, Lauren will email you within two business days to schedule your session and to obtain information needed to create your session.  Please check your email folders for emails from lauren at love renegades.com

All sales are final and refunds are not offered.

If you desire a video session, you must have a Zoom account. You can create one for free at www.zoom.com.

I have always been stunned by the power of Lauren’s healing abilities. At several points during acute emotional and health crises, she has given me the comfort and space for recovery and growth. I am always impressed by how much better I feel after a session. But even knowing how talented she is, I am still completely amazed by my most recent experience.

Jenny R.

I feel like a ton has been lifted off of my heart and my soul. Between the healing that you sent, the written insight, the meditations and messages…wow. It as affirming, light shedding and so empowering. Lauren has such a gift at allowing people to see their divine truths, their divine powers and you helped me remember mine exactly as I needed to in this moment. I went from holding my head in my hands wondering how I had found myself in the energy of another’s the way I had again to KNOWING my path forward and I know the work you did with me contributed to that immensely. I am almost literally walking on pure sunshine right now feeling like the path is illuminated and ready to be explored!

Jenn Murphy

Quiz-What's your Illusion of Relationship™?

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  • Shed light on how you separate from Love
  • Gain insight into how your inner Love Renegade
  • Receive healing guidance on creating an incredible life and relationship