Love Renegades Coaching Programs

What does love—on your terms—look and feel like to you?

If you were living your life as the highest expression of yourSELF, what would you no longer tolerate?

What would it be like to have authentic confidence and to trust that you are making wise choices?

Hi, I am Lauren Kay Wyatt, head Love Renegade over here at Love Renegades. Coaching is my favorite thing in the world. I joyfully serve my amazing clients in feeling whole, complete, confident, and supported as they break the laws of relationship™ and create LOVE on their terms.

My approach is supportive, non-judgmental, empathetic, objective, loving, and accurate. I use my intuitive gifts, healing abilities, and my connection to Spirit, universal law, and objective truth to assist heart-centered individuals in tapping into their inner love renegades, healing their broken hearts, and in crafting their lives and relationships to reflect their soul’s power and heart’s truth. I specialize in helping my clients set and uphold healthy boundaries and to make waves as they become their unapologetic selves. 


I offer long-term coaching programs that are customized to fit the needs and intentions of my clients. Coaching is delivered over the course of a minimum of six months through private coaching, group coaching, and couples coaching. 

When I coach you I connect with your Spirit Guides to ensure that any questions or guidance you receive is meant for you and only you. This ensures that all of the insight you receive is 100% accurate, authentic, and aligned to YOU. 

These programs provide months of emotional support and healing insight as you make new courageous choices that allow you to experience, create, and receive LOVE on your terms—in your relationships, love life, and life circumstances.

If you are interested in becoming a coaching client,  the first step is to apply for a free Heart Connection Session with me where you will receive healing guidance, connect with your heart, and explore how I can support you in having the relationship you desire and more love, connection, joy, and trust in your relationships, your love life, and your life circumstances. 


Lauren doesn’t wave a magic wand. She showed me the right doors to walk through and helped to keep me on track in creating new pathways for myself; it was my job to engage with the insights and information that I received. Lauren helped me to leap into actions that were incredibly important to my entire life—actions I neither would have even recognized as necessary nor, in many cases, had the courage to take without her clearly guided support. As I made new choices with Lauren’s highly individualized guidance, old habits of mind and action began to drop away, and I regularly experienced encouraging new shifts and manifestations in my life.

– KN, Nurse Practitioner


Working with Lauren is a wonderful experience! She so powerfully sees you for not only who you are but for your potential as well. I particularly appreciate the joy and ease she brings to conversations about topics that might otherwise feel to risky to discuss. If you are facing a difficult time regarding relationships and other matters of the heart, I recommend talking with Lauren. I think you’ll be glad that you did!

-DD, Business Owner


I look forward to serving you!

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