Do you forgive easily?

Do you forgive easily?

When it comes to relationships, the subject of forgiveness becomes inevitable. If you are anything like my clients and me, you have mixed feelings or strong emotions around forgiveness. If someone still has your power, as in they are living in your head rent-free, then it might be time to forgive—or at the very least explore the subject of forgiveness.  To support you with this, I created a Love Renegades Forgiveness Series.  Watch part one called “The Annoying Thing about Forgiveness” here and feel empowered about your next healing steps:

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Of course, you can read the description below but the video is more fun and it contains a special healing transmission for you. 👇

Hi Beautiful. Today let’s talk about why it is so hard to forgive. Wow. You know forgiveness really used to be a concept that annoyed me.  I thought “why in the world would I forgive someone who has hurt me and caused me problems?  Why even waste time thinking of the other person? Why give them my energy?” Why, why, why??

Then one day, I realized that as much as I did not want to forgive them or think about them, they were still creepin’ their way into my heart and experience. When I realized that my thoughts and in a word way that these people had some power over me, that was when I was like , “no, no, no. It is time to gt in touch with my inner Love Renegade and let this go.”

So right now you might be upset with somebody and harbor lots of feelings of hurt. You may have been betrayed. Someone may have treated you in a mean or maybe even abusive way. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you need to be in a relationship with that person or that there needs to be a happy resolution.

No it means it is about freeing yourself so that you can allow more Love to come to you. So that you can feel better within yourself, your experience, and within your relationships. This really supports you in attracting and manifesting circumstances and relationship that reflect what you ultimately consciously desire, which is love and to be loved

Thank you for spending time with me.  

What is the Illusion of Sacrifice (in the Illusions of Relationship™ System?)

What is the Illusion of Sacrifice (in the Illusions of Relationship™ System?)


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Or read the transcription below…which is fine but you may not fully receive all of the love that is available to you in this healing transmission if you only read about it 👇 👇 👇

Hi, I am Lauren Kay Wyatt. I am an Intuitive Coach, the founder of Love Renegades, and the Creator of the Illusions of Relationship™ system. 

Today I want to connect with you about the Illusion of Sacrifice. The Illusion of Sacrifice is one of the Illusions of Relationship that causes you to disconnect from your own needs and to be completely tuned into the people around you. For example, you would intuit your partner’s needs, your friends needs, your children’s needs, but that you would be completely disconnected when it comes to your own needs.

While it is a beautiful thing to be so caring and loving and while it is a super power to know other people’s needs, the dysfunctional side of it is being codependent and to really expect other people to give you what you give them–when one of your super powers is giving. 

So what will really support you in breaking free of the Illusion of Sacrifice is making a commitment to connect with your own heart and to treat yourself the way that you treat other people by tending to your own needs. 

Now this may take some deep self-reflective work that might feel kind of scary.   I encourage you to be courageous. At Love Renegades we say Courage is the Vehicle of Love. I encourage you to really go for it. 

Go for it in getting to know yourself and in getting to love yourself. Explore those shadows so that you can break free and be free and so that other people will love you the way that you love them and so that you can even have a higher level of that ideal. 

Melt Your Heart (with this Valentine’s Day Special)

Up until now, I have not really been one to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Really, I think I may have been a little judgmental and arrogant—which is kind of embarrassing to admit because I have loads of empathy and coach people in love and relationships.  My reasoning was that it did not make sense to me that so many wonderful people were giving their power away to a “silly” holiday.

Now, I realize that my arrogance was my way of protecting my empath heart from feeling the deep gaping heart wound of the Collective.

As much as I tried to shield my heart from feeling this pain, it still persisted, constantly knocking on my door to be of assistance. It felt too overwhelming until one day I decided to just let myself feel it.  Courage is the vehicle of Love, right?

Here is what I know is true…

We are collectively hurting. Each one of us yearns to love and be loved.  Each one of us has the opportunity to heal.

Although what I am about to say may sound radical and outlandish, I genuinely believe that the more we choose love and healing, the more we contribute to the Collective’s healing.

This means that the pain you feel from that divorce or that break up with a friend or that business deal that fell through—no matter how big or small or present that pain is—by healing it, you acknowledge your own power and set yourself free.

This means that all of the annoying things you experience in your relationships, within your dating process, etc— all of those things are your soul’s way of calling your attention to healing and liberating the love within you.

By healing these things, you contribute to healing the collective wound.  In other words, your healing may inspire someone you do not even know to heal. This creates a cosmic healing ripple that benefits humanity, our planet, and collective spiritual growth.

That is the motivation behind this Valentine’s Day-inspired Special. I call it a Love Liberation Session, a private 30 minute intuitive healing and coaching session where you will:

  • Receive clarity on liberating the love within and around you!
  • Pave the way for you to have amazing experiences in your relationships!
  • Get to the root of all of the emotional, spiritual, and psychic gunk that is clogging up the love and healing within you!

In honor of Valentine’s Day and in the name of Love and Healing, I am doing this for half of the price of my normal rate!!  So exciting, right?!  This means that instead of $297, it is $147.)

You can make your purchase here.

You can read more here on my website.

Thank you for reading. It is a deep honor to assist you in healing and to provide you with wisdom that supports you in letting love lead the way, in your relationships and life.

What is the Illusion of Control (in the Illusions of Relationship™ System?)

What is the Illusion of Control (in the Illusions of Relationship™ System?)

Watch the video here:

**A slightly modified transcription is given below.  Please know that the healing transmission of this video does not come out as fully from the transcription.**

Today we are shedding light on the Illusion of Control, the first of the Illusions of Relationship™. Just like what its name feels and and sounds like, really creates contraction with control.

The control can be aggressive such actively and obviously trying to control other people. The control can look covert as well.

Either way, you want to control the future by wanting to know exactly what is going to happen and when it is going to happen.  This Illusion of Relationship™ really takes you away from your heart and it throws you out of sync with Love by its relentless need to control. This is micromanaging of the creative process of the heart chakra.

For people who have the Illusion of Control as their main Illusion of Relationship™, the best advice is to you is to work on opening your heart and trusting Life.  Being authentic and vulnerable is a huge part of this as well—doing this in a powerful honest way—where you can put it out there to the Universe (as an intention) and really attract people into your life who can be safely be your soft side with and who is safe to let your guard down with.

This allows Love to lead the way.

You are invited to reflect on this message with the following questions:

1.) In what ways do I seek and exhibit control in my relationships?

2.) How do I try to control myself and others?

3.) What might happen if I followed the advice given to me in the video?

Brief Intro to the Illusions of Relationship™


Watch the video here ===>

Read the modified transcription below ❤️ 👇🏼

I am Lauren Kay Wyatt. I am the creator of Love Renegades.  I am so excited to connect with you today! Today, I want to shed light on the Illusions of Relationship™ so that you can have MORE LOVE—on your terms—so that you can—enjoy your relationships—your romantic relationships, the relationship you have with yourself, with the Divine, with the people in your life, and how you relate to the different challenges and themes that life can kind of throw at you.

So the six Illusions of Relationship™ are all patterns of illusion that separate you from Love. Each of the Illusions of Relationship™ has its own unique way of putting you under the influence of an illusion, a false truth that keeps you in tunnel vision and acting from a place of fear!

This is what an illusion does!  When you are coming from a fear-based place, it is inevitable that you will create what you do not want—in your relationships, your life, and within yourself!

Now, instead of staying stuck in patterns of frustration, anger, bitterness, disappointment—all of that—there is a way out! There is an opportunity to connect with your heart, with your Soul, with your most Divine Self—this next level of YOU—also known as you inner Love Renegade—by breaking free of the Illusions of Relationship™!

When we look at things from the perspective of the Illusions of Relationship™, we see things from an elevated viewpoint where are empowered to say, think, and feel “Ohhh, that’s what’s happening! I see it now! I am going to make a new choice!”  The six Illusions of Relationship™ are listed as follows:

  • Illusion of Control
  • Illusion of Sacrifice
  • Illusion of Drama
  • Illusion of Perfection
  • Illusion of Absorption
  • Illusion of Satisfaction

If you are curious which one of these Illusions that your soul would like for you to notice so that you can break free—take our free online quiz, which you can find right here on our website! I will be in touch with more videos and resources about each Illusion of Relationship™.  

Energy Replenishing for Empaths

Being an empath is beautiful.  Being able to connect so deeply with another and be able to feel their emotions is a beautiful gift. The problem is when we are experiencing the less desirable aspects of being so sensitive such as feeling depleting or not realizing that the pain you are feeling is not even your own. In this video,  you will gain insight into how you can replenish your energy.

Watch here:

In this video, I shed light on the Illusion of Sacrifice, one of the six Illusions of Relationship™.

Quiz-What's your Illusion of Relationship™?

Your quiz results will help you...
  • Shed light on how to reconnect with Love
  • See clearly how you separate from your inner Love Renegade
  • Receive healing guidance and practical next steps