With Lauren Kay Wyatt

Dear Love Renegade,

You go to the beat of your own drum. You are unique, and you want to shine.

Whether you are currently in a committed relationship or single, how do you feel about the current state of your relationships?

If you are single, how do you relate to your dating process? 

If you are currently in partnership, are you as loved as you would like to be? 

Most importantly, do you honor YOU in your relationships? Do you feel you are your, most true, and unique self in your relationships?

Here is what’s true—if you are not having the experience you want in your relationships, dating, or in another area of your life—it is time to break free.

If you are not happy in your relationships, the good news is that your Inner Love Renegade is calling out for you. It is time to break free or the Illusions of Relationship™ and say yes to love, on your unique terms.

Take this Quiz to find out which Illusion of Relationship you need to shatter to have a breakthrough in Love!

Quiz- Which Illusion of Relationship™ do you need to break?

Your quiz results will help you…


  • Identify your “blind spot” on all things love and relationships
  • Reconnect with your inner Love Renegade
  • Make waves with practical next steps to create LOVE, on your terms.
“When I first reached out to Lauren, I was damaged emotionally. I felt empty and like my heart and soul had been torn apart. Lauren helped me heal my heart, and I developed self-love and confidence quickly. My relationships are SO much better now, and I even tripled my income!” Sara ~ Illinois

About Lauren Kay Wyatt and Love Renegades

Aloha, I am Lauren. I am the owner of Love Renegades, a relationship coaching company and movement.  I believe that relationships are everything. By nurturing our relationships with ourSelves, our partner(s,) our dating process, and how we relate to conflict, rejection, and various life themes, we can be unstoppable! 

For years I was under the false assumption that everything was all on me. That I needed to be self-reliant to “make anything happen” and that if I were in a relationship, I would have to compromise a part of me! The truth was, this was my reality—until it was not!

I met my husband Daniel 12 years ago during a time in our lives when both of us were dealing with major uncertainty. I thought he would distract me from the stress and heartbreak of my life and the opposite happened!  As quickly as I found myself falling in love, my life was falling apart at an even greater speed! 

It was an incredibly vulnerable time. It was so hard for me to receive love at a time when I was feeling so insecure. I didn’t think I deserved it so I would pick fights, seek validation, withhold my affection, and overreact. I wanted to leave the relationship, believing it was too much for me to even deal with—when something shifted inside of me.

I had an inner knowing that leaving was not the way forward if I wanted something new. He experienced a similar shift! The moment we decided we were ALL IN,  everything changed!

I healed my body, began to love me, and deepened my relationship with the Divine, all of which strengthened me to embrace a healthy relationship with Daniel. Now, I can say with full love and confidence that (even though I had a huge turnaround in my physical health and even though I have a business that I love)  my relationship with Daniel continues to be my biggest accomplishment.

My experiences with love, relationships, and healing inspired to me to be a relationship coach who guides individuals and couples in saying yes to their ideal relationship, yes to more love in their relationships and lives,  and yes to shattering the Illusions of Relationships™.

At Love Renegades we say that “courage is the vehicle of love.” It takes courage to love and be loved!  Let’s connect more! 


Quiz-What's your biggest love block?

Your quiz results will help you...
  • Shed light on your current biggest love block
  • Embrace YOUR Love Super Power 
  • Make waves on creating a relationship that reflects your soul's essence