Free yourself from the Illusions of Relationship™

“When I first reached out to Lauren, I was damaged emotionally. I felt empty and like my heart and soul had been torn apart. Lauren helped me heal my heart, and I developed self-love and confidence quickly. My relationships are SO much better now, and I even tripled my income!” Sara ~ Illinois

Quiz- Which Illusion of Relationship™ is it time to break free of?

  • Shed light on how your primary Illusion of Relationship™ blocks you from Love
  • Reconnect with your inner Love Renegade, your source of inner wisdom and power
  • Receive healing, practical insights on your next steps
About Love Renegades & Lauren Kay Wyatt

About Love Renegades & Lauren Kay Wyatt

Lauren Kay Wyatt is an intuitive love and relationship coach and the creator of  Love Renegades and the Illusions of Relationship™.

Since 2012, Lauren has coached hundreds of individuals in healing their hearts, reconnecting with their inner wisdom and power, and creating the relationships and lives that they desire. Lauren uses the Illusions of Relationship™, her intuition and healing aura (alongside her training in Soul Realignment, Human Design, and reiki) to assist her clients in having more love, joy, trust, and ease in their lives and relationships.

When she is not serving clients or running her coaching business, you can find Lauren in the kitchen cooking vegan food, hanging with her husband, snuggling with her pets, practicing her yoga or kung moves, meditating, contemplating, watching select reality tv– for research purposes—and laughing with friends.

To connect with Lauren you may contact her at lauren at love renegades dot com.

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Quiz-What's your Illusion of Relationship™?

Your quiz results will help you...
  • Shed light on how to reconnect with Love
  • See clearly how you separate from your inner Love Renegade
  • Receive healing guidance and practical next steps