Ready to receive higher levels of love, joy, and connection in your life and relationships?

“When I first reached out to Lauren, I was damaged emotionally. I felt empty and like my heart and soul had been torn apart. Lauren helped me heal my heart, and I developed self-love and confidence quickly. My relationships are SO much better now, and I even tripled my income!” Sara ~ Illinois

Did you know that your relationships reflect your relationship with yourself?

Are you feeling unappreciated, unacknowledged, and misunderstood in your relationships?  Are there circumstances in your life that are no longer working for you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions—consider this: Your Soul is trying to get your attention and awaken you to your power and your potential.  You are being presented with an incredible opportunity to heal, love, and accept yourself—and yes—an amazing way for you to finally have higher levels of love, connection, joy, and trust in your life and relationships!!!

The first step  is to take our quiz to identify and shed light on which Illusion of Relationship™ your soul is asking you break free of. 

Becoming aware of your Illusion of Relationship™ enlightens you to your power and connects you with your next steps.

Discover your Illusion of Relationship™ by taking our Quiz.

Quiz- Which Illusion of Relationship™ does your inner Love Renegade want you to break free of?



  • Find out exactly what blocks you from receiving and attracting new levels of love, success, connection, and empowerment
  • See clearly and make new choices to create new results
  • Receive healing insights on your next steps

Quiz-What's your Illusion of Relationship™?

Your quiz results will help you...
  • Shed light on your innate talents
  • See clearly how you separate from your inner Love Renegade
  • Receive healing guidance and practical next steps