Tap into Your Inner Love Renegade™ Program

Three month program to help you go from fearing rejection, people-pleasing, and seeking approval to reconnecting with your inner wisdom, setting boundaries, and attracting love on your terms.

Enlighten Your Love Life™ Relationship Intensive

Reconnect with your partner(s). Discover each other’s soul gifts, shed light on karmic themes, and clear negative relationship karma.

 Break the Laws of Relationship™ Coaching

Customized programs for individuals, couples, and groups. All programs are designed to meet your unique needs and to empower you on a path of your highest potential.

Relationship Reading

Already in a relationship and want to have an even deeper experience with your partner? A relationship reading enlightens you to opportunities to transform your relationship into a conscious partnership filled with passion, love, and co-creation.

Customized Programs

What would it feel like to be completely healed and empowered?  What would it be like to break free of repressing systems and convention? Being a Love Renegade requires passion, courage, and commitment.  Are you ready?