Dear Love Renegade Couple,

Are you ready to say yes to your best relationship? Are you ready for a new experience with your partner? Are you ready to let go of karmic baggage that keeps your relationship stagnant and stuck?

If you answered yes, then I am so thrilled that you are reading about my relationship reading service! 🙂

A relationship reading is deeply healing and enlightening psychic reading where you will receive:

  • Insight into the soul-level gifts and quirks of both you and your partner and how these gifts manifest in your relationship
  • Awareness of how you and your partner ignite and trigger one another
  • Consciousness highlighting your souls’ history together
  • Perceptions of negative karma that is hindering your desire and experience in your relationship
  • Healing opportunities to break free of limitation and negativity together
  • Radical love to embrace your best relationship at the physical, emotional, and cosmic level!

A Relationship Reading is $800.

A Relationship Reading consists of one 90 minute session that is delivered by phone.  Your session is recorded for your convenience and comes with a personal prayer practices made just for you and your partner.

After you purchase your reading, I will be in touch via email within 24-48 hours to schedule your session and to obtain information to create your session. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and treated with love and respect.

I am looking forward to working with you and your partner! 🙂

Love, Hugs & Blessings,



Our relationship reading with Lauren helped us to connect and understand one-another on a deeper and more significant level. Lauren is great at communicating truths in easily understood ways. She helped us see that we each receive and give love in different ways. By learning about each other at soul level and following Lauren’s practical and grounded suggestions, we learned how to better “speak” each other’s languages.

At first, the idea of a relationship reading may have seemed a bit “out-there” or impractical but it was truly the most practical, fun and simple thing we have done for our relationship. We always understood that we were different from each other and learning about how and why we are different allows us to use these difference as strengths in creating balance and happiness in everyday life.

Holly & Brad


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