Does your love life excite you?

Does it make you jump for joy?

Do you feel inspired by all of the love within and around you?


Are you frustrated with what’s happening in your love life?

Tired of of feeling like you are not enough?

You know that you want your best relationship. You know deep and from the bottom of your heart that you deserve to be loved.

You yearn to feel more confident and sexy, but that is not always the case.

  • Do you feel the ache of heartbreak—where sometimes it is very loud and other times it is a dull program running in the back of your mind
  • Do you beat yourself up for not saying the right thing
  • Do you turn yourself inside-out to please people
  • Do you experience resentment—-you give and give and give with barely anything given to you in return

Know this: it is not your fault

You are loving, sensitive, and genuine. You feel everything so deeply and profoundly. All you want to be is loved and appreciated and to love and appreciate another. This is a beautiful aspiration!

The problem is that somewhere along the line—-in this lifetime and hey, let’s face it: in past lives too——you made a choice that you had to be a certain way to be loved. And in this process, you have attracted all sorts of people who enforce the message that you are not worthy of love or good enough.

It sucks. And it is absolutely heartbreaking. But it is NOT your FAULT!

You decided to abide by the laws of love.

  • These laws of love are absolutely awful.
  • They are sneaky mofos that are all about keeping sensitive, kind, and loving people—-like you— in a negative loop of betrayal, deception, and perpetual heartbreak.
  • These laws of love are illusions that you may not have been aware of—-and if you were aware of them—-you probably believed that you had no choice but to blindly accept and follow them!
  • These laws of love have you heartbroken and aching for a better way.
  • Your broken heart is crying out for your love and attention. It is begging to be healed.

To break the laws of love, you must heal your heart. If you do not heal your heart and find out how the laws of love are wreaking havoc on your love life, then NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

But here’s the good news!

These Laws of Love lose their power as soon as you choose to break them through healing your heart!!!


LOVE is the kryptonite of the Laws of Love!

(before we go any further let’s clear up what HEALING is NOT)

Healing is not….

  • sweeping past wrongs under the rug
  • pretending that something did not happen
  • staying in victim-consciousness
  • only about feeling better
  • being perfect
  • stuffing your not-so-nice emotions into a bottle

Healing is a PASSIONATE RE-CONNECTION between you, your heart, and your SOUL!

Your soul is the sexiest part of you!

Your soul is your personal and spiritual magic.

Your soul is your Divine gifts—-your personal and universal power!!

When you CHOOSE to HEAL and take ACTION to infuse your soul gifts into your love life, you stand a very high chance of creating:


  • Passionate—sexy—-LOVE!
  • Personal and spiritual freedom—-no one gets to hold you down or tell you what to do!
  • Power—-the good kind!! The kind that allows you to be your best most loving self!
  • Love magnet status!

Healing is the most high vibe form of rebellion!

Your soul is your greatest ally!

Are you ready for some soul-level heart-bursting healing?!?!

Ready to release all that holds you back from receiving love?

Ready to say yes to feeling powerful?

Ready for some sexy enlightenment?

Ready to make waves on your best relationship?!?!

Join me for your own personal Love Renegades Intensive!

It is time to break free of heartbreak, be a love magnet, and REVOLT FOR LOVE. Here’s how the Love Renegades Intensive can help you do that:

  • Clarity about your soul gifts—-you will reconnect with you really are!
  • Practical guidance on how you get to use your soul gifts to have your best relationships and circumstances that you LOVE!
  • Ground-breaking insight into how your past lives are NEGATIVELY impacting your love life and what you can do about it RIGHT NOW
  • Energy healing and clearing—-those negative past live blocks—-those annoying karmic mofos—those guys will be cleared!
  • Renewed vitality to make waves in your love life!

Full Pay


Two Monthly Installments


Love Renegades Intensive

This is a three week healing program that includes the following

  • A powerful 90 minute session where you will:
    • Discover your soul’s magic by hearing all about your soul’s gifts
    • Gain insight into how your past lives are negatively impacting your love life
    • Receive practical guidance on how you can use this information to have your best relationship
  • Energy Clearing
    • Those negative karmic blocks that we talk about in your session will be cleared by me
  • Energy healing
    • At the end of session, you will receive energy healing to help you feel great as you step into being a Love Renegade
  • Personal 21 Day Prayer Practice to assist you in being your most sexy and confident self!
  • Email support
    • We get to stay in touch for three weeks where I can answer your questions, receive your updates, and advise you on practical steps
  • One 30 minute intuitive and interactive session with me delivered two to three weeks after the initial session

In addition to your Love Renegades Guided Intensive, please accept these two self-directed gifts:

6 Love Meditations

These beautiful meditations vary in length from 10 to 20 minutes. Each has energy healing and love infused into them.  You will open your heart, see yourself and others through eyes of love, and love the process of creating your own version of relationship bliss.

Personal Re-connection Technique Video

In this video, available only to my clients, you will learn a short meditation that you can quickly do by yourself each time you are ready to reclaim your power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

Select your payment option (Full Pay or Two Installment) and I will be notified of your purchase.

I will email you (at the email address associated with your PayPal transaction) to coordinate a time for you to have your session. In this email I will also ask some questions, the responses will be used by me as I create your session.

Your information will be treated with love and respect and confidentiality will be upheld.

If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, I encourage you to email me at

Why this investment price?

Everything that is possible for you as a result of of working with me far outweighs the investment. For just a moment, I invite you to put your hand on your heart and answer the following questions:

What could you create with a healed heart? What would your relationships be like? What would it feel like to break the laws of love and reclaim your personal power? What would it be like to reconnect with your soul and release blocks to love?


What if this doesn’t work?

The simplest definition of karma (and my absolute favorite) is this:

Every choice has a consequence.

Right now, your circumstances are the way they are because you you have chosen them.  If you want new circumstances, you get to make new choices.

Through this service, you will discover:

  • How you can make consciously aligned choices to receive the circumstances that you desire
  • How powerful your choices are in creating your reality
  • A new paradigm where you are powerful and responsible for all that comes your way

In other words, you are responsible for your own results. This service is not a guaranteed magic bullet because you are you and you are responsible for whether to not you choose to incorporate this information into your life!

What I can promise is that during our time together, I will deliver these services in excellence and act as a guide to you during the duration of the service. I will provide loving support to you as you go through your healing process.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds offered for this service.  You get to be responsible for having the love life that you desire.  This means you get to take a risk.  I will not offer you an opportunity to let yourself off the hook.

What people are saying

Lauren helped me to leap into actions that were incredibly important to my entire life—actions I neither would have even recognized as necessary nor, in many cases, had the courage to take without her clearly guided support. As I made new choices with Lauren’s highly individualized guidance, old habits of mind and action began to drop away, and I regularly experienced encouraging new shifts and manifestations in my life. -Karlita

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