Love Liberation Session

Do you feel weighed down by emotional baggage?

Does it seem like no matter what you do, nothing seems to work?

Are you tired of feeling like what you want does not matter?

If you answered yes, know this: When you harness the power of your soul and realize your own strength, you heal. When you heal your heart, you experience your soul’s true essence reflected back to you in your love life.

To reconnect with your soul in this way and to transform the pain you feel into LOVE, you must have a Love Liberation Session. In this 90 minute session, you will gain deep insight into the following:

• How you wired to give and receive love

• Your soul gifts

• Your key to staying connected to your soul and making wise choices that ensure LOVE

• Details of how certain past lives are influencing you to sabotage yourself and hold yourself prisoner.

• Personal red flags to watch for and how to handle them in the moment for new results

• Guidance on how to responsibly free yourself from toxic relationships and other draining

This session includes spiritual healing, energy clearing of negative soul-blocks, and a customized prayer practice.

A Love Liberation Session is $947.


Lauren doesn’t wave a magic wand. She showed me the right doors to walk through and helped to keep me on track in creating new pathways for myself; it was my job to engage with the insights and information that I received. Lauren helped me to leap into actions that were incredibly important to my entire life—actions I neither would have even recognized as necessary nor, in many cases, had the courage to take without her clearly guided support. As I made new choices with Lauren’s highly individualized guidance, old habits of mind and action began to drop away, and I regularly experienced encouraging new shifts and manifestations in my life.

– Karlita, Nurse Practitioner & Astrologer


Working with Lauren is a wonderful experience! She so powerfully sees you for not only who you are but for your potential as well. I particularly appreciate the joy and ease she brings to conversations about topics that might otherwise feel to risky to discuss. If you are facing a difficult time regarding relationships and other matters of the heart, I recommend talking with Lauren. I think you’ll be glad that you did!


After I receive a notification that you have bought a Love Liberation Session, I will be in touch via email within 48 hours to schedule your session and to obtain information that I will need to create your session. If you do not hear from me within that timeframe, please send me an email at

All sales are final and refunds are not offered.