Do you struggle with trusting yourself?

Do you feel uncertain when it comes to love and relationships?

Do you yearn to feel confident and your best as you manifest your best relationship?

Are you ready to let go of fear and embrace LOVE?

Know this: You are not alone.

There is a lot of relationship advice and “how to please your man” posts out there. This can get overwhelming. And more often that not, the advice is either not only really, really bad OR it does not apply directly to you.

You are a unique being—-not a “one size fits all.” You are ready for Truth, Divine guidance that is aligns with YOU and allows for you to experience LOVE and your best relationships—-instead of the opposite!

The good news is that if you can acknowledge what you want, guidance is already available for you to find out HOW you can have it. And this type of guidance does NOT involve how you can make someone love you or what you can do to gain someone else’s approval!! This guidance is fully aligned to LOVE—-universal love and intimate love—-not the illusion of love that is masquerading as truth out there!

If tuning with Love and Truth appeals you to more than taking bad advice, I invite you to have a healing elixir with me. In this multifaceted service, you will experience the following:

  • Balanced chakras to allow more LOVE into your experience
  • a Soothing of your entire energy system (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) to open your heart to having your best relationships and results that you love
  • Divine Guidance that aligns fully to your specific situation
  • LOVE, support, and clarity on your next steps
  • Entry way into an Empowered Path of Healing
  • Increased confidence to help you in your love life
  • Your heart as your greatest ally

A Healing Elixir contains the following:

• Powerful intention-setting process to help you ask for what you desire
• Long-distance energy healing treatment delivered to you while you sleep
• Enlightening and clear Divine Guidance report that is pertinent to your specific situation (and delivered to your inbox the morning after you receive your energy healing treatment)
• 30 minute intuitive coaching session with me

As a bonus, you will receive a Healing Love Meditation to awaken your heart treat yourself to as often as you like.

After you receive your healing elixir, you will feel confident and clear about your next steps. You will feel completely loved and supported as you move toward breaking free of illusion, loving yourself, and crafting an incredible relationship or enhancing the one that you are already in!


*After I receive notification of payment, I will send a celebratory email you to coordinate when you will receive your energy healing treatment and to walk you through the process of setting your intention for your Healing Elixir.

I have always been stunned by the power of Lauren’s healing abilities. At several points during acute emotional and health crises, her long-distance healing elixirs have given me the comfort and space for recovery and growth. I am always impressed by how much better I feel after a treatment. But even knowing how talented she is, I am still completely amazed by my most recent experience.

Jenny R.

I feel like a ton has been lifted off of my heart and my soul. Between the healing that you sent, the written insight, the meditations and messages…wow. It as affirming, light shedding and so empowering. You have such a gift at allowing people to see their divine truths, their divine powers and you helped me remember mine exactly as I needed to in this moment. I went from holding my head in my hands wondering how I had found myself in the energy of another’s the way I had again to KNOWING my path forward and I know the work you did with me contributed to that immensely. I can’t wait to work with you more and be reminded even further of the gifts I received at my soul’s level…You are definitely one of them!! I am almost literally walking on pure sunshine right now feeling like the path is illuminated and ready to be explored! -Jenn Murphy

Jenn Murphy

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