Love Renegade Consultation with Lauren Kay Wyatt

1.) You have reached a point where you are genuinely ready for some healing insight into what is really happening that is causing so much of what you do not want in your love life, your relationships, and within your personal and professional circumstances.

2.) You are ready to tune in with your heart, your inner wisdom, and get some guidance that empowers you to experience the BEST in your love life, your relationships, and circumstances.

3.) You are open to receiving loving support to get you on track with the desire of your heart and soul.

If any of the above feel true for you, it is time for a high-value consultation with Lauren! Lauren is a Love Psychic, an Illusion Dismantler, Soul-level healer, and coach who has been working directly with clients since 2012.  Lauren is who you go to when you are ready for some UNconventional wisdom that allows you to tap into your inner Love Renegade and shine into your ALL of your relationships, your love life, etc.

Lauren is here to serve you in two ways.

1.) The first is a 20 minute Heart Connection Session. This session is free, laser-focused, and gets right to the point.

2.) The other is a $97 one hour Insight Consult. This session goes DEEP, allows you to process, and you will receive healing insight, and experience a love liberation breakthrough.

*Both sessions will enlighten you to possibilities beyond the session that you chose. In other words, you will find out how you can continue to work with Lauren if you want to build upon what you uncover during your initial consultation.


This session is NOT for you if any of the following are true:

• You have a history of blaming other people for your circumstances and you are not ready to take any responsibility or accountability. (This pattern makes it impossible for you to heal and transform your circumstances and makes you a perpetual victim.)

• You are not open to the concept of past lives—You are welcome to believe whatever you want! Different beliefs are ok! This particular frame-of-reference is one of Lauren’s favorites and it allows her to serve you in a way that she (and many others) find very healing and accurate.

• You are militantly against the notion that you have a soul–Again, it’s totally OK if you do hold a different belief. If this is the case, there are other [more scientifically-inclined] people who can serve you. Go to their website!

• You want to have a session to  prove how great you are doing. Believe it or not, this happens!! Doing so is a form of denial, fear, and self-protection that is known as “posturing.” It is completely OK to feel fear and want to protect yourself. You can feel this way and still be open to new insights that will assist you in having more of what you want!


Love Renegades Services are for you if:

• You genuinely desire to move forward and let Love lead the way.

• You are open to healing and doing things differently

• You are open to a new perspective that could potentially set you free

Your options are a free 20 minute Heart Connection Session and a one hour $97 Insight Consult. 


Questions? Email us at and Lauren or someone from the Love Renegades will get back to you within two business days.

All sales are final and refunds are not offered.