Leap Into Love Liberation

Each time I connect with a client I am amazed by the wisdom that comes through. I am always left feeling energized and completely in awe.

Each person I work with is so precious and each session is sacred. Being coached, coaching, and watching someone be coached can be a healing experience.

We are all reflections of each other.

Even though we are not all exactly the same (and how boring would it be if we were lol) and some of us may loudly mirror our differences back to each other, all of us endure the same universal patterns and are bound to the same universal laws.

In this Love Liberation Session you will meet Shannon! Shannon has beautiful “pixie-energy” and after healing herself from a chronic illness, toxic relationships, and stepping into a completely new career as a medical intuitive, Shannon is at a choice point.

  • Will she risk getting hurt and opening her heart to love and romance?
  • Will she be courageous and dare to pursue her dream relationship
  • Or will she continue with “business as usual?”

Shannon’s session will be especially insightful for you if any of the following apply:

  • You are feeling guided to take a leap of faith but there is a part of you hanging on (to the past or how things “should” be)
  • You feel obligated to keep certain people in your life
  • You have already done a lot of inner healing work
  • You are curious about how I do what I do

It is my intention that the content in Shannon’s session supports you in saying yes to amazing love and taking a stand for love!

Watch Shannon’s session here: ======>https://youtu.be/xICunMgDj1M

After you watch Shannon’s session, ask yourself:  What does my ideal relationship look and feel like? Then, do some journaling!  (You can even share with me if you like!!)

Confronting Your Way to Compassion

In many spiritual and personal development circles, there is a lot of talk about compassion and love, but there is a culture of avoidance when it comes to confrontation.

As a Love Renegade I believe that confrontation is sacred. It is an opportunity to stand in your truth and confront the parts of yourself, your life, and your relationships that are in conflict with your inner compass of integrity.

To heal we must be willing to engage in confrontation. The confrontation does not have to be you verses someone else. In fact, it is most powerful when the confrontation is between you and you. This allows you to build a foundation of self-trust that allows you to make wise choices on your own behalf—which then allows you to receive and attract love in all of its forms.

To me, these are the most empowered aspects of self-love and self-compassion.  Listen to my first beginnings of practicing self-compassion and self-love through confronting my own limiting beliefs in this interview on the “Compassionately You” podcast. 

Listen to this interview here ======> https://briluginbill.com/podcast/laurenkaywyatt

It is my intention that listening to my story of healing empowers you to embrace sacred confrontation and be your most healed and unapologetic self.

[video] Genuine Coaching Session- The reason why you do not have what you want

Maybe you are thinking, “Ummm, why would I want to watch someone else’s session?”

Here’s why…We are all reflections of each other! Every human will [directly or indirectly] engage the same universal patterns.   And yes,  though we are all a part of the same source, these patterns do manifest differently in all of us because we are all unique individuals!

This mindset allows us to cultivate more empathy and gain more self-awareness. This combination allows us to connect—which allows for more love and deeper more fulfilling relationships!

In this first session, you will meet Thérèsa. Thérèsa was worried initially that I would not take her as a client . Her reasons? Because she was a lesbian and intersex.  When you watch this video, you will see that Love Renegades is LGBTQIA+ friendly! At Love Renegades, we serve LOVE.  Love comes in all forms. This includes people who are straight and who identify with their birth gender, and those who do not and who are non-binary! We support both monogamy and polyamory! Love Renegades is a safe virtual space for you to be your true self and receive love for being you!

All of this aside, I completely understood why Thérèsa would feel that way.  I do know what it is like to be an outsider. I know how painful it is to try to fit in and I know what it is like to be rejected. ( I was a psychic little kid after all who was really aware that I did not fit my family or society’s expectations of me!!) I know what self-protection looks like and I know what it is like to guard my heart from being hurt.

If you are reading this, I am sure that there are times when you have had your own version of this too!

Thérèsa reflects the part of you who separates yourself from love by outwardly appearing to be different and unique and living your life largely on your terms but who secretly plays it safe and tries to fit in because of [at least one] of the following reasons:

  • You reject others before they reject you
  • You have not harnessed the power of your “flaws”
  • You are afraid of who you truly are
  • You gaslight yourself so that you can fit in and please others
  • You put others before yourself to win their love

Watch here ======> https://youtu.be/tuqvtd83Qnc

So yeah…watching someone receive coaching is NOT as boring as hearing about someone else’s dream (or their past life regression experience lol.)

Let me know what you think when you watch Thérèsa’s session! What comes forth for you as you hear her experience and sit with the guidance and coaching she has received?  What would your life and your romantic life be like if you listened to your heart and tapped into your inner Love Renegade?





Be True to You: Especially on Valentine’s Day

If there is any day to be completely truthful with yourself, it is today: Valentine’s Day. To be honest, I am not fond of holidays. I do not enjoy the social obligation of participating in them. I do not like the “collective vibe” of many holidays or how they underscore feelings of loneliness and disconnection.

That being said, I do LOVE reaching out to you and letting you know that you matter. While there is no one else in the world quite like you, the feelings you feel and the issues that leave you feeling disillusioned are universal. When you are honest with yourself about your feelings and desires and when you take empowered actions, you make way for more of what you desire.

Why is this true? Because you cannot control other people but you are in charge of how you choose to respond (not necessarily react) to the different obstacles and challenges in your life and within your romantic relationships.

(Stay tuned for a post on the “Law of Control” and what it is to break this law of love™ one of the so-called rules of engagement that get in the way of you having fulfilling experiences in your romantic life, personal, and professional life.)

What can you do to be more true to you on this very special day?

To answer my own question…

This Valentine’s Day, I am retiring the title, “Love Psychic.”  When I chose this title in 2012, it was from a place of wanting to give an honest portrayal of the service I offered. It was to embrace traits about myself that I had denied for years. It a statement of love and appreciation for myself and it was to model truth for others.

Over the years, things have grown and evolved, as they often will with time. I have found that “psychic,” although a part of what I bring to clients is no longer the most accurate.

At Love Renegades, I help my clients find and attract love within the framework of dating and within their romantic partnerships and relationships. I also help them create results that they love in other aspects of their professional and personal lives.

I do this by empowering them to rebel against social, familial, and cultural constructs that no longer serve them.  By reconnecting them with their inner wisdom, I assist them in identifying, addressing, and rewriting these so-called “rules” of engagement in relationships, or what we at Love Renegades call Breaking the Laws of Love™.

I have witnessed genuine healing occur in the work I do with clients. I have seen it reflected in their relationships, their love life, and in their professional success.

Do you desire to experience more love in your romantic relationships personal achievements? More healing in your heart center and self-esteem?

If you answered yes, then give yourself the gift of a free Heart Connection Session. These sessions are free and delivered over the phone or on Zoom (video conferencing.) In this session, you will receive coaching and insight on exactly what is blocking you from having the experiences you want and more importantly: what you can do about it in clear and practical terms.

These sessions are application-only, not because I am a “snobby snob,” but because sincerely want to make sure that I am the best person to serve you and that you are ready for what I can offer you.

Apply here: http://loverenegades.com/apply-renegade-session/

What other ways can you be true to you today and everyday? Let us know with your comment. 

Thank you for reading and Happy forking Valentine’s Day. ❤️


Go Ahead. Be a “Jerk”

I am not breaking up with you. I am simply letting you know that what we have is dead. 

These were the words I spoke to Daniel (just months before I asked him to marry me) in 2011. 

[Listen to me read this blog post here. (Just so that you know it is just a little bit different from what I have written.)] 

Moments before that, I had given him an  honest “play-by-play” account of how I had almost physically cheated and definitely emotionally cheated on him—- with someone of whom I felt was more “enlightened” and “conscious” than he was.

Full disclosure—-when I think back to this moment, I cringe just a little bit. With this sweet embarrassment, I feel an interesting mix of gratitude, and humor, sprinkled with bits of admiration and toped with just a bit of horror. I’ll even roll my eyes just a little bit at myself. 

Yes, I was self-absorbed. 

Yes, I did not sugarcoat anything.

Yes, maybe felt just a little bit of shame for my actions, but I was at a turning point.

I had just awakened to the power of my inner Love Renegade. I felt my love renegade brewing inside of my heart. She was immature and rough-around-the-edges, but she was beautifully raw, passionate, vulnerable, and unapologetic. 

When I reflect on this both very inspiring and very awkward and almost cringe-worthy moment, I admire how bold, courageous, and unattached I was. I took a huge risk. I was willing to let go of a relationship where I felt like my true nature was not allowed. I was willing to burn it all down in the name of fierce unapologetic truth.

Have you gone through a moment like this?

Have you ever been so authentic and unrehearsed?

Have you had the courage to tell someone your flaws and to accept whatever reaction they had to it?

On the other side…

…Are you holding back on sharing yourself?

…Are you choosing to edit yourself and repress your desires?

The path of the Love Renegade is not an easy one.  It is unconventional. Most people will be triggered by someone who “gets away” with breaking social paradigms.

And it makes sense.

When we go through years of living our life one way and then one day we just decide to change, it is inevitable that our environment—which includes our relationships—is going to react.

That’s universal law. 🙂 

The choice to tap into your Love Renegade is rooted in love. It’s a path that gives you permission to disconnect from the “noise”—all of the “have-tos,” the social obligations, the “shoulds, etc” and instead, tune into the voice of your inner wisdom while living life according to your own principles and boundaries. 

Are you brave enough to have the life and relationship that you dream about?

Many judge this the Love Renegade path as being selfish and rude. As love renegades, we compassionately welcome and embrace the difference of opinion. Healing is the most high vibe form of rebellion. Every rebel needs an opposition. It is this polarity of reaction to your choice to heal that shows fuels your inner love revolution and empowers you to break the laws of love™. 

The “laws of love” are NOT standards to follow, adhere, and aspire towards. They are the opposition, the very social paradigms, needless “rules,” and fear-based structures that are designed by the collective to put you in your place and to keep you from thinking freely and acting honesty. These laws of love ensure that your relationships are stifling and that you do not live out your purpose.

As Love Renegades, we make it a our soul’s journey in pursuit of the relationships that most reflect our highest potential back to us to “break the laws of love™.” 

This path is not always pretty. Sometimes, it can be downright messy. This is because the process of healing does not unfold occur in a perfect straight line. There are lots of magical squiggles and plot twists. There is a bit of drama and speaking archetypically, there are hero moments of pure love and self-actualization too.

In 2011, I broke the laws of love™ when I spoke my very revealing and messy (and almost-shameful) truth to Daniel. I did not let my “bad behavior” keep me hostage. I realized I had broken agreements in our relationship and I was gaining clarity on why I chose to do to make those choices. With the light that I found, I knew things would not be the same ever again. 

Daniel broke the laws of love™ when he chose to meet me on my journey by healing and growing with me.  Daniel and I have been together 10 years. I often say that our relationship is one of my greatest achievements. Each day I am moved by the unconditional love we share and the absolute honesty that we practice.

(In case you might be thinking that Daniel must have been weak and that his choice not to leave the relationship was a decision that a doormat would make, nothing could be further from the truth. Daniel is and has always been one of the most powerful, secure, and self-confident people that I know. Even though he did not like the information I brought forth to him, he was trusted that this challenge was more than just a blow to the ego and that he had manifested an opportunity for healing, growth, and empowerment. He chose to step into this opportunity, with his love renegade in tow.) 

Are you interested in breaking the laws of love™? Do you want to meet your inner love renegade?  Apply for a Heart Connection Session, a judgement-free Love Renegade coaching session, where you will:

  • Dive deep into the desire of your heart
  • Receive truthful insight
  • Find out what’s next

Apply here: http://loverenegades.com/apply-renegade-session/


Solution to STOP Feeling Let Down & Drained in Relationships

Relationships are not always easy. Whenever two or more people get together, there can be conflicts, arguments, and even awkward and uncomfortable moments. Sometimes this discomfort can be linked to things not really turning out as planned.

If you are anything like me, then you have gone through periods of disappointment in your relationships.  This can be anything from  can be anything from feeling totally

let down by your partner, a parent, and close friend to feeling sad and disappointed that a relationship with someone you are once really close with is not what it used to be.

If you are going through this right now, I urge you to feel these feelings. If in your process of coming to terms with your disappointment, you feel ready to put your energy elsewhere, then watch this video to get a perspective that could really heal your heart and empower you in your relationships. 

Click here to watch this video on the Love Renegades YouTube Channel.