Choosing Truth over Illusion

Choosing Truth over Illusion

Each day you go about your day in the best way that you can. You see the same people, do the same things, strive for the same goals, and think the same thoughts.
You are not alone in this. All of us do some version of this. We get comfortable. We become so engrained in a routine or so fixed on our focus that we do what we always do: we lose sight of the many opportunities for LOVE and abundance that are right there—-right in front of us—-staring us in the face—-and at our fingertips.
When we could be seeing and seizing these opportunities and saying YES to receiving love in all of its forms—-what do we do instead?

We push love away.

We say no to abundance.

We think, “oh well…maybe next time, when I am [prettier/thinner/smarter/debt-free/etc.]

When we say no, we say yes to what we have always known instead. And guess what happens when we do that? We say yes to more of the same!

That means that those same circumstances that have been getting under-your-skin—-the same dynamics that make you want to pull your hair out…They just keep happening over and over and OVER again.

And why wouldn’t they?

You cannot create what you desire if you continue to do the same thing and make the same choices.

Same creates same.

Same cannot lead to different—-no matter how well-intentioned you are or how much you meditate or how much you pray and how much you talk to your friends about what you want.

No amount of complaining or crying is going to bring about what you want—-not if you continue to do what you have always done.

Before you get upset or go to defend your decisions—-before you go into trying to convince yourself and me that you “had no choice” but to do what you have been doing—-know this:

This is not your fault—or anyone else’s for that matter!

No one is blaming you.

No one—-especially not I—- is shaming you for your choices or telling you that you could have “done a better job.”

No one is trying to invalidate your pain away either. Life can be really, really tough. Some of us have undergone terrible heartbreak and unimaginable trauma.
Like everyone else..

You do not know what you have NOT been taught. You cannot see what you do not know to look for.

If you feel fed up with experiencing the same frustrating patterns over and over again— whether it is feeling deeply frustrated in your love life, at your wit’s end in a relationship, being passed up for a promotion AGAIN, or simply not feeling seen, heard, and loved—-you very well might be locked into an illusion.

Illusions, or what I call “the Laws of Love” must be broken. Illusion are elusive concepts that appear to be True (and some of these illusions might have some truth to them) but in reality all they are mind-control mechanisms that are meant to keep you in your place!! They are the ultimate status quo shit that has been fed to you by the collective conscience (or **THE THEY, as I like to call *them) that keeps you separated from Love and in your place!

(As much as I wish that I had, I did not coin the term “the they” for the collective conscious. I was listening to a lecture by Caroline Myss, one of my favorite spiritual teachers and she said it first! Ever since I heard her say this I have been obsessed with the term! I truly cannot think of a more aligned way to say it!)

With this new information at the forefront of your mind, I ask you the following questions:

Do you really want to be just another cog in the machine? Do you really want to be separated from love? Do you want to believe that you cannot have what you yearn for? Do you like being just like everyone else?

Or, do you yearn to reconnect with your own heart’s wisdom? Are you ready to reclaim you relationship and love life? Are you ready to SAY NO to more heartbreaking patterns?

If you answered no to the first set of questions and yes to the second set and if you want to explore your potential more deeply, I invite you to apply for a Love Renegade Connection Session with me.

In this free session, available by application only and delivered by phone, we will uncover the illusions that are blocking you from moving forward. You will receive healing insight and practical action steps from me too. Apply here:

And finally, I ask you to dig deep down within yourself and ask yourself, “Do I really want to be right about why I cannot have what I want?” Or “Am I ready to say yes to love and make a new choice?”

Let me know your answers. I love to love you, and I will be in touch soon with more wisdom bursts for you!

Your Heart is Your Greatest Ally

Your Heart is Your Greatest Ally

It happened more than 10 years ago, but I still recall their pained expressions. I remember how quickly their wounds were covered up and overcompensated with anger and the “how dare she” snide “mean girl” behavior that soon followed. 

Listen to me read this wisdom burst by clicking here

Just seconds before they were a beautiful group of friends enjoying their time together. Now because of one comment  that I made—-a comment that can be summed up to “oh how fun that you all are celebrating together on Valentine’s Day,” I found myself in a situation where I just could not win.

See, when I graduated from college, I moved to Austin, TX. I was following my dream of living in one of my favorite cities. I was supporting myself by waiting tables. Most people I encountered on that Valentine’s Day dinner shift were in the agony of heartbreak.

They wanted to be seen, served, and loved, but no matter how hard I worked or how many times I refilled their cheesy biscuits (yes I worked at Red Lobster) nothing was good enough. They were just bound and determined to take their misery out on me. 

This is an issue that I see happening with so many of us, human-folk. As people, when we are not happy, we have a tendency to take our problems and pain out on others.  We may feel that because someone has something that we want—-whether it is boundless love with a sexy someone—or someones!— or limitless money and success—we comfort our discomfort by directing negative thoughts and actions towards others.

In moments like this, we are passing our own judgement of ourselves—-all of our inadequacies, our sense of low self-worth, and our insecurities—-onto them. But here is the good news: if you can be jealous of someone else’s circumstances, then guess what? You too can enjoy the same circumstances!!

Sure, you may not have the relationship or love life that you desire right now.  You may not be over-the-moon happy with your body, your current job or relationship, but know this: if you can have such a strong reaction to something—-then that means that it too can be yours.

Now, I will not get all woo woo with you and tell you that all you have to do is think positive thoughts, wave your magic wand, and will that relationship, that love life, those juicy delicious circumstances that you LOVE, into your experience. That would be lying. 

What I can tell you is that you can have these things through choosing to heal your heart and put effort into having the desire that you want. Healing and effort is a power combo!!

See, when we experience desire—-whether it comes in as feelings of yearning OR feelings of jealousy—-this is our heart’s way of communicating with us.  Those less than savory “negative” feelings that you are experiencing? That’s your heart!  Those loving giddy excited feelings?  That’s your heart too!

If you listen to your heart, your heart will show you where your love—-your attention and effort—-is needed. Your heart is your greatest ally.

Be aware that what your heart shows you may not always be pretty.  All of those judgements you feel toward yourself and others?  That is your heart crying for your attention.  That is your heart asking for healing and pleading for you to reconnect with it.

This Valentine’s Day, will you choose to listen to your heart, love yourself up, and take steps to heal your heart? 

If your answer is yes, then I would love to assist you with a Heart Reconnection Session.  In this free session, I will listen carefully, ask questions, give loving and honest insight, and shed light on practical steps you can take to heal your heart and bring your desire into reality. Please apply for your session here:

If you can align with your heart, you are on your way to being unstoppable.  You are on your way to no longer being affected by the actions of others or feeling bad about what you do or do not have.  You are on your way to creating love within and around you.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day to you!! It is my greatest intention that you choose to love you today.

Break Free of Annoyingville

Ever found yourself in a fit of complaining?  You know—-one of those days when it feels like the gods are against you and NOTHING is going your way?

These are the days where you feel like no one understands you or “gets” you.  You may feel all alone and maybe even disillusioned. These days are not fun!!

I refer to these “special days” as trips to Annoyingville!   The thing about Annoyingville is that it can be isolating and painful. 

But these days can offer you great insight into how you can break free of your mood and your limitations.

To assist in you in healing during your time in Annoyingville, I did an impromptu livestream, and now I am sharing the video with you here!

Watch the video by clicking on the image below!

Does this video inspire you to go deeper and connect with your heart for more LOVE? If so, then please accept my invitation for a Heart Connection Session. In this FREE session, available by application-only, you will receive:

  • insight into what is really blocking you from receiving love
  • awareness into illusions that are separating you from love
  • practical action steps you can take to heal your heart and have your best relationship.

Apply here:

After I review your application, I let you know within 24-48 hours, if your application has been accepted. Please know that I have an application process to make certain that I am a good fit for you!! 🙂

Struggling for comfort? Healing remedy enclosed!

You feel heat rising in your body.  Your throat starts to itch.  You begin to feel nauseated.  Your upper lip begins to quiver. No, you are not having an allergy attack!! You are getting ready to do something really uncomfortable.

Some call it speaking your truth. Others call it setting boundaries. I call it revolting for love. It is vulnerability, courage, and LOVE in action—-a form of self-love that has the power to transform your circumstances.

Watch my short video below that I made just for you: you sensitive and beautiful soul.

struggling for comfort video screenshot

It is my intention that this video serves you in breaking the laws of love, revolting for love, and creating the love that you want—-on your terms!

How does this video make you feel?  You can let me know by writing me privately at or by leaving a comment right here, on my blog. If you have any follow-up questions, please reach out and ask!

I love connecting with you. xo

Break the rules- let love flow!

Break the rules- let love flow!

Don’t you love the feeling of release that comes right after January 1st? My most obvious reason for this—-which I am sure that you can relate to—- is that “the holidays” is definitely not my favorite time of year!

Being an empath might have something to do with. Feeling the gut-wrenching pressure of “getting things done” in activities and customs that I do not really care to participate in feels icky.  Dealing with those pesky “I am not good enough” issues is such an anxiety-ball waste-of-time. Can you relate?

Ultimately, my reason for not enjoying the more traditional expression of “the holidays” comes down to a choice. Simply put, I choose not to enjoy senseless convention and society’s rules.

(This is one reason why my husband and I opted to go to Mexico for the first part of December. There, we attended a beautiful beach wedding and celebrated his 40th birthday. Then, we enjoyed both Christmas and many of the nights of Chanukah alone together. It was romantic, simple, and utterly delectable!)

Even if it seems otherwise, please know that you really DO have a choice when it comes to doing things YOUR way. And believe me—-I know that sometimes it does not seem that way AT ALL.

Up until about six years ago, I had a period of not wanting to do anything because I felt so much pressure and felt things so deeply. I sensed that people wanted me to do things that I did not want to do them. I had a hard time saying no. I was not brave enough to connect with that I did want. Really, I was burnt out and depressed and my love tank was on low.  It was not a life that I wanted to live.  I did some spiritual healing work, started making new choices, and aligned my life.

Now, I am a love renegade who has created her best relationship and who has liberated herself from a lot of life’s burdens and set backs. Now I live my passion by assisting other awesome people—-like you—-in creating their best relationships—- I am overflowing with passion about what it means to live an obligation-free life, doing things your way, and to have this reflected in your intimate relationships!

Some people may think that my approach is very selfish. Some people may find it unreasonable.

Is it unreasonable to connect with your heart and own what you desire?

Is it selfish to come from love over fear? 

Is it selfish to be genuine?

This is what it is to revolt for love and to break the laws of love!

The laws of love are illusions or “society’s conventions” that make absolutely no sense. These “laws” keep you from experiencing love and liberation in your relationships.

As a Love Renegade, it my greatest pleasure to shed light on the Laws of Love and how you can break them!

Watch an intro to breaking the laws of love that I did on Facebook Livestream last week below:


And if you are ready to take it a few steps deeper, apply for a Love Life Breakthrough Session with me. This is a divine opportunity to receive insight into which laws of love you are falling into, the healing that is needed to break free, and practical guidance from me.  Apply for that session here:

Let’s revolt for love together!

[video] Is your heart being unreasonable?

If you are having a hard time this December, you are not alone. Whether its feeling lonely or not good enough or pretty “blegh” in the love and passion department—-December is a time when your heart will demand your attention.

If you are ready to receive more love, release heartbreak, and reclaim your intimate relationships and love life, it is time to reconnect with your heart.

One way you can do that is by watching the video below.


Sending hugs!



say no to gratitude and yes to you

Meet your delightfully rebellious heart. Say hello to Thanksgiving. While you are at it, make a wave at the end of the year and add on a big scoop of what it’s like to ride on the tails of a contentious election.

Eeeek, right?!?!

lwsmall-7259I mean with a combination like this—-you know the highly flammable kind—-the type that creates what we will call an inflamed situation—is likely to spontaneously combust at any time with hurt feelings, lash outs, and backed up emotion tension. Yes, for times like these, it might be best to just give yourself permission to back away from the situation and assess from another vantage point.

So let’s do that together…And while we are at it, let’s just admit that maybe right now—-at at a time in which everyone (maybe you are even participating in this too by some degree) is telling us to just be grateful—-maybe you are honestly finding that a little tough these days…

Perhaps you are concerned about what is happening at Standing Rock. Maybe you feel guilty about enjoying a big huge meal when you think about where Thanksgiving really came from and the exploitation of the Native American people. Maybe it bothers you because you do not eat meat and meat is kind of the focal point of the meal. Maybe you are annoyed with others who keep pointing out problems that you have no idea how to solve…

You might even be stressed about the results and fall out of the election. Maybe you just really want to unplug and you are are not looking forward to spending time with loved ones who see things differently from how you see them.

Yet, even in all of this, there is still a part of you—-a big part—-that simply wants to be at peace with yourself and be free…Maybe this Thanksgiving, you want to have a nice meal and you want to enjoy yourself, and love everyone around you, and maybe—-since you are a love renegade at heart—-you want to do it on your terms and not be fake…

Does any of this sound familiar? 🙂

These are just a few of the different expressions of the conundrum of the heart-centered, people-oriented, and highly conscious individual.

You really see things from such an elevated and unique point-of-view. You are truly wired to shed light and offer comfort to others. This is such a beautiful position to be in, but maybe it is especially hard right now.

Do you feel stuck when it comes to receiving love?
Do you feel like others do not appreciate you or listen to you?
Do you find yourself being resentful of others?
Do you find yourself being hard on yourself?

Have you been feeling especially critical lately?

If you answered yes, then I would like you to acknowledge that your rebel heart is begging for your attention. Listen to your heart by really feeling into the questions below…What would your love life, relationships, and life in general be like if you…

…Released self-judgement?

…Embraced your desire to attract and receive love?

…Experienced healing?

Right now you might be thinking, OK Lauren, that all makes sense, but I am not sure how.

One way that I can personally assist you is through a service I offer called a healing elixir, a long-distance energy healing treatment that will help you release resentment and fear and open your heart, mind, and body to LOVE and the power of your heart’s journey.

In a healing elixir, you will experience newfound confidence from the wisdom of your rebel heart and discover a clear path to how you can love yourself while loving others and allowing yourself the freedom and space to receive love by stepping out of fear with A.) an energy healing treatment facilitated by me and activated by you B.) a written reading filled with loving soul wisdom and insight into your heart’s journey and loving intuitive advice that is grounded in universal law on how you can attract more love C.) and a 30 minute PRIVATE session with me that is a total love fest all about you! 🙂

I am so passionate about my healing elixir service and I absolutely love giving healing elixirs to amazing heart-centered people like you!

So if you feel like it is time to practice some radical self love and say YES to receiving and attracting love and to truly show yourself some love and gratitude, then please: will you do me the honor of receiving a healing elixir? If your answer is yes, invest in yourself with a healing elixir today by clicking on the link below.

Purchase Your Healing Elixir

After I receive notification of your payment, I will reach out to you via email to schedule your healing elixir and to obtain information that I need to create it.

In the meantime, I am sending you lots of love. Please know that t I am deeply grateful for you. Because of you, I get to connect with you at least once or twice a month with love renegade advice on how you can have your best relationship and experience love—-on your terms.

Before I go, I want to reiterate that getting a healing elixir is all about you. Many of us heart-centered people feel weird about investing in ourselves. Some of us may find it highly uncomfortable when we are going through a hard time. Regardless of where you’re personally at right now, with all of the things you could buy for Black Friday, be a love renegade and give yourself this gift of healing. Like attracts like and choosing to love you always benefits you and everyone around you.




it doesn’t seem sexy…but it is!

it doesn’t seem sexy…but it is!

Imagine that you and I are in a fight. In this moment, you hear about all of the ways in which you are deficient. You are reminded of all of your failures as a light shines brightly on a lot on all of your inadequacies.

OMG! Don’t I just sound like the worst person in the world?!

Click here for the audio version of this message.

Let’s continue with this scenario and pretend—just for a moment—that because, I am in fact *the worst, you choose to cut me out of your life and never ever speak to me again. You choose to unfriend me.  You gossip about me. You call me abusive.  Maybe you let everyone know that it is because of me (and how awful I am) that you will never ever succeed in love or in life.

And that really, really sucks.  🙁

Because we were never in a fight. All you did was ask for my opinion, my feedback on the situation. You asked me why things—-your relationships, your health, etc—-were not turning out in your favor, and I told you the truth.

I was not even “brutally honest” with you.  I simply facilitated some support in connecting the dots as to why A+B (and C and D) has brought you to the outcome that you are currently experiencing.In the moment of truth—-of LIGHT—-you blamed me and made everything my fault.

The only person who ever brought judgement into this interaction was YOU.

Of course the “you” I address  to is not you—-not specifically anyway…Instead I speak to the little you, your ego—-or Junior as I like to call it. Everyone, no matter how empowered or spiritual they think they  are, has a Junior.  In fact, my first spiritual teacher once told me “the bigger the spirit, the bigger the ego.”

Yes, my friend, my Junior is pretty freakin big! 🙂 (And my spirit is really big and vibrant and bright and shiny too!!)

And I am grateful for my big ass Junior.  Why?  Because if it were not for the massive victim consciousness of an illusion that I used to be entrenched in, I would not be where I am today.

See, I used to be someone who would blame others for my circumstances.  For every relationship that did not work out, it was the other person’s fault.  For every obstacle I encountered, it was always because I was at a disadvantage or because I did not have A, B, or C.  I also used to get really, really down on myself. I was so mean and hateful to myself. I made myself wrong for anything good that I tried to do.

One day, I got really, really tired of it all. I was completely over myself. I decided to break free of all of the junk. I chose to break free from the mindless repression of the status quo.


In a moment of truth, I chose to BE RESPONSIBLE.

Responsibility is a word that many of us free spirit types may cringe when we hear it…This and that annoying word “discipline” go hand-in-hand. But responsibility really is sexy. Let me tell you why and first let’s start with what is NOT attractive and sexy.

It is not sexy (unless you are into that whole damsel-in-distress nonsense) to be helpless, powerless, and wounded.  If there is any part of you that wants to be rescued or feels that everything would just get a whole lot better if so-and-so behaved in the way that you wanted them to behave, I ask you: how do you want others to feel when they are around you?

If you want people to truly want to spend time with you, be with you, and appreciate you, then YOU get to be someone they would want to spend time with!

Honestly, do you enjoy being around someone who complains constantly? (Does misery really love company? lol) Are you someone who constantly places blame on others? Are you someone who always has a problem? Are you always talking or thinking about what a failure you are?

In case you were detecting any judgement in my tone, I am asking you to recognize this as your own judgment. (We are not in a fight, remember?) I am simply connecting with you, from a place of love, on how you can have the relationship that you long for and the results that you love…

…Which leads me into another possibly more serious aspect of this conversation…

Often when a person is complaining and crying about how badly they are treated by others and how disillusioned they are within their relationships, it sheds light onto all of the ways in which that person has blocked herself from receiving love.

Can you see how it is an act of self-love to admit that maybe you have been blocking you from receiving and attracting love?

Trust me, even if it appears to be unconventional or inconvenient or feels uncomfortable, taking responsibility for your circumstances makes you a highly attractive person.  To be responsible is to love yourself and to embrace life.  Like attracts like. If you love you, you create love within and around you. You become a love bug!! 🙂

OK back to me——

When I chose to accept and embrace every single problem in my life as an opportunity for peace, healing, and transformation, my life transformed. My heart expanded. My love life became really, really good.

Choosing to be responsible is a choice to truly heal.   It is healing all of the parts of yourself that you may have abandoned.

It was NOT an easy choice for me to make, but when I looked in the mirror, I did not like who I had become.

In that moment, I made a new choice. I chose to be responsible. I chose love. I chose to heal.

And you can too….And look, I don’t care how evolved you are or how much “work” you have already done, everyone can stand to grow and transform just a bit more. To think that you are “done evolving” simply is not true. It is an illusion that is made to keep you exactly where you are, when in fact, there is always an opportunity for love. For expansion.  Healing is love.  Love is part of expansion.

In this moment, I want to offer you an opportunity.  This opportunity is to have a healing elixir with me.  A healing elixir is a very sexy service that I offer that includes a loving and empowering energy healing treatment, a written reading from me filled with divine messages that are intended to support YOU on your healing journey, and a 30 minute processing session with me.

In a healing elixir, you will discover and become enlightened to the following:

  • Your infinite potential
  • Specific opportunities to choose love over fear
  • Healing guidance from your spirit guides and angels

Choose to be the Light that you are, put your Junior in his place, and choose to be SEXY by getting a healing elixir today. Click here to get this healing party started.

If you are not sure if this service is for you, contact me at and we will connect about this together. 🙂

In the meantime, I send you universal love, lots of hugs, and #revoltforlove blessings.

To Your Inner Love Renegade,






Revolt for Love Manifesto

Revolt for Love Manifesto

When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is “I can’t wait! Let’s do this!” Years ago if you would have told me that I would be jumping at the chance to get out of bed and get to work: I would have responded with a combination of amusement, intrigue, suspicion and disbelief!

But that was before I chose to completely heal my broken heart through connecting with my soul. That was before I chose to listen to my inner wisdom, follow my heart, and ruthlessly abide by my own advice!

Listen to me read my Revolt for Love Manifesto here!

The day I chose to follow my heart, everything changed. My relationships shifted. My confidence grew. I got rid of all the meanies, the naysayers—-the toxic people in my life—-and now I am IN LOVE with life!

Each morning, I have an incredible amount of gratitude for my sexy entrepreneur husband and our adorable pets! I love that I have chosen to truly LIVE a life that exudes LOVE and to have this reflected to me in my relationship with my husband and in what we have created together!

Before I used to be overcome with grief at all the manipulation, disruption, and deception in the world.

Now my heart glows when I notice an illusion or a manipulation. Why? Because I know that if I can see it, I get to voice it and choose not to buy into it! By shedding light or guiding another person into making a new choice—-a love-based and soul-driven choice—-the illusion loses power and the person sets themselves free!

What I found is that love is not always fluffy and cuddly. Love is often telling someone the truth or setting a clear boundary.

Love is the greatest healer that way, and the healing process can be messy. Things often come to light that we do not like. We can either choose to ignore this or be intimated by it or sweep it under the rug OR we can choose to be courageous and TRANSFORM the situation.

Courage is the vehicle of love!

On the flip side, my heart breaks when I watch someone—-who knows better—-choose fear over love, because they have bought into an illusion that they have no other choice. This really, really bothers me, but I deal with it through knowing that I have done my part by showing them the illusion and communicating new options of response to them.

I often joke about how my clients are all better than me. They are heart-centered, loving people who are fiercely committed to having their best relationships—-on their terms——and being the change they want to see in the world.

More than anything, I care about empowering my clients to heal—-like really heal from the inside out—-and to have the healing positively impact their relationship with themselves—-more self-love, self-trust, and grounded self-confidence—-and of course: to have this really sexy energy reflected back to them in their love life too!

In my world, intuition is an absolute necessity. Sure, a person (most people actually) can get through life using only reason and following research and opinions of other “experts” but without intuition and a clear connection to your heart and inner wisdom, discernment and intention can be muddled.

It takes a strong person to follow their heart and think for themselves!

It takes an even stronger person to go deep into the depths of their psyche and to heal their heart and soul. Breaking free of the status quo and healing is always a fabulous idea. It is the most high vibe act of rebellion there is!!

Doing something the “right way” or someone else’s way is overrated and sweeping everything under the rug is an ultimate no. It is the easy and yet soul-crushing way out. It is saying that you have nothing unique to contribute, that you are too weak to connect with your true feelings, and that what you care about most is tip-toeing to the grave.

That is NOT LOVE. That is fear!

When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who didn’t hold back. A person who loved fiercely and courageously and did not let anyone—-not even herself—-off the hook!

And who inspired others to heal, break free, and REVOLT FOR LOVE!

How does my manifesto make you feel? How will you revolt for love today? One way you can revolt for love is by shedding light on the love myths that hold YOU back. I can help you do this with a Love Myth Breakthrough Session. Find out more by clicking here.

Love Renegade Blessings,


I can’t do this. I quit

“I can’t do it. I am calling the wedding off.”

The two sentences that scared the absolute SHIT OUT OF ME were now out. In full view. On the table. Front  and center.

Terror ran through my body. I braced myself, closed my eyes, and waited…What would happen next?

His response surprised me…

“That’s OK. We can wait. Whenever you are ready.”

The emotional build up I felt in my heart turned to tears. I couldn’t stop crying. I was shaking. Was I relieved? Was I in shock?

Five years later, I know now that what I felt was love.

Not the  mere feeling of love or the addictive illusion of it. What I felt was the big type of love.  The kind that heals. The kind that transforms. The type of love where you experience an envelope of complete acceptance, grace, and safety: the type of love that creates miracles.

And, a miracle, I did create. I spoke my truth. I chose courage.

Like many of my clients and maybe even you specifically, I had a pattern of not checking in with myself before I made decisions.  Instead of asking my heart for advice and checking in with my own inner wisdom, I would often go along with what the other person wanted.  I was afraid of making my own choices.  I did not trust myself.

And you know what? I paid the consequences. Choosing to go along with what others wanted me to do only led to resentment, burnout, and a continual pattern of what happens when a person constantly refuses to trust themselves.

Can you relate?

A new level of empowerment beckoned me. On this level, I would know to listen to my inner authority and my hear t.  I would choose to be authentic and trust myself.

This was not an easy choice. I knew that my choice was no doubt going to disappoint people.  The thought of hurting another person made me feel nauseated, but now was an opportunity to choose my own way.

In doing so, I let other people down.  My choice to call off the wedding really hurt my mom. And that killed me…but you know what?  We all moved through it….Eventually.  🙂

And you know what else?  Today, on October 27th, Daniel and I celebrate our forth wedding anniversary together.

The moral of the story is that right now, you might be at a cross roads.  You might be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.  You might be stuck in fear. You might be going along with what others want because you are afraid of living your own truth.  You might be suffering needlessly from not trusting yourself.

Whatever it is, I urge you to choose love. This is a courageous choice.  It is not always easy.

How will you choose love today?

And just in case an answer does not immediately pop into your heart, I have enclosed a few more questions for you to support you in courageously choosing love.

  • Have you ever made yourself do something that you did not want to do simply because you said you would?
  • What were the results of that choice?
  • Are you experiencing the results of those choices now?
  • What change do you want to make that you are afraid to make?

Today, I invite you to treat yourself to a few minutes of quiet time to connect with your heart as you answer these questions.

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