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Ready to create your own personal Love Revolution and your own Universal Love Story? Welcome home!

This is a heart-centered community for insightful and intelligent people who feel drawn to choosing LOVE over fear and contributing to making our world a more loving place. This is a really tall order!! We will use this group to ban together as we look within ourselves, make wise choices, and create LOVE through our relationships—-especially within ourselves and our intimate partnerships!

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Then introduce yourself to the group in a new post. Lurking may feel more comfortable, but letting others know that you exist is a practical way for you to make friends and LET LOVE LEAD THE WAY!

Let us know a little about who you are!! Tell us the following:

-Name and Occupation/Passion

-Where you live and what city you are from.

-What show you are currently watching or recommend? (If you aren’t into TV, let us know about movies, books, music that you are into! )

-BONUS QUESTION– What drives you to choose love over fear? (That how we #revoltforlove!)

Make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and comment on each other’s posts!!

Use this group to share what inspires you and opens your heart and PLEASE let us know why you are sharing it with us!  (In other words, don’t just drop a link or a meme! Let us know what you think or feel about what you are sharing!! In other words, share yourself with us!)

We are Love Renegades.  As Love Renegades, we are not so much about rules, but we do our best to practice common sense. Here are my common sense guidelines:

-DO NOT be a jerk and attack anyone for having different views than you. Disagreements are OK. Passionate conversations are encouraged. Bullies will NOT BE TOLERATED and they will be OUSTED from the group!

-DO NOT spam the group with ads.

Make friends, support one another, ask questions, share your insights and what inspires you! Topics on love, manifesting your dream relationship, enhancing the relationship you are already in, and heart-healing are welcome here!

I’ll be answering questions, sharing insights, facilitating discussions, and guiding you on how to create your own personal Love Revolution and Universal Love Story!

I am SO excited to help you REVOLT FOR LOVE! ❤️



Do you have trust issues? (part 1)

I know it has been a while since we have connected. Truthfully, I have been in deep reflection. Even though I love my contemplation, I genuinely missed connecting with you! I did not reach out because I did not really have anything to say, but now I have something to share with you…It’s about trust. More specifically, self-trust, that sometimes elusive treasure that some of us never find.

Before I go any further, I want to disclose something. Trust—-particularly self-trust—has notoriously been a big deal for me. I used to be someone who was petrified of making a mistake. I used to be someone who was reluctant to move forward without proof. I used to check in with other people about what decisions I “should” make. These choices went right along with who was “safe” to love and what I needed to do to keep myself from being hurt.

Why did I do this?   Well, being a psychic little kid, I had a very *different* perception of what was going on. I would see things—-fairies, spirits, scary things, colors around people. I would know things—-things I was not supposed to know and did not know I was not supposed to know. I would feel people’s feelings in my body. I did not know what to make of my experiences, but one thing I knew for sure was that it was NOT what my family and friends were experiencing. I decided that I was wrong and I wanted to keep my perceptions a secret.  I was successful at this for many, many years…Until I wasn’t.

I will get into all of that another time, but for now: doesn’t it make sense why I would not trust myself?  After all, I had no external support or validation and I decided from a very young age that my experiences were wrong. This choice allowed me to constantly give my power away to other people—-my power away to my lovers, my friends, my family, and any authority figure.  Looking back, it was what was normal, but now living in that reality would be a perfectly self-created hell.

Ever since I chose to trust myself, I began to listen to myself intently. I saw that much of what I perceived was not the norm.  Instead of getting discouraged as I did as a small child and again as a person with low self-esteem, I now see that my unconventional way of seeing things—-not just seeing ghosts and auras—-is what really allows me to serve other people. Here is what I have found to be true about trust:

  • Trust has nothing to do with guarantees and trust comes with a different type of certainty.
  • Trust has nothing to do with whether or not things will go “according to plan.”
  • Trust is complete liberation and ownership of my life, my intentions, and my manifestations.

For me,  trust is about accepting my own inner wisdom, stating my intention, and moving forward with an open heart.

Have you ever wondered what your life and what your relationships would be like if you trusted yourself completely? What would you do more or less of?

“The Universal Love Story” Trailer!!

“The Universal Love Story” Trailer!!

“The Universal Love Story” is a Love Renegades original video series that combines documentary and reality TV to shed light on what it takes to create your best relationship and results that you love. Through each cast member’s story, you will become enlightened to the following:

-What is takes to break free of illusion
-Identifying universal patterns of self-sabotage that could be holding you back
-The in’s and outs of self-love and healing
-What it truly means to reconnect with your spiritual power
-Creating the love you want—-on your terms

Watch the trailer here:

Please leave a comment on my YouTube channel, subscribe, and share with friends.

Heal Your Heart, Awaken Love’s Power

Heal Your Heart, Awaken Love’s Power

Do you remember the first time you experienced heartbreak? Were you angry? Sad? Deeply Frustrated?

Or did you feel numb? Disillusioned?

Heartbreak is both deeply personal and universal. It is not limited only to romantic relationships either.

Heartbreak spans across all of your relationships—including the one you have with yourself. It can make its way into your professional life and into your habits for rest and relaxation. It can highly impact your health, your finances, and your general wellness. It can certainly contribute to having less than satisfactory experiences in your intimate relationships too!

When feeling heartbroken, you might feel disconnected. You may wonder, “why is this happening to me?” “What did I do wrong?” You might think, “Oh no!! Not this again!”

Even in those moments of where you feel you’re most disconnected, you could not be more connected to truth. At this moment, there are so many people who can relate to feeling disconnected—-whether they are feeling that way right now or have felt that way before.

This is the archetype of heartbreak. All of us, at some time or another, connect with this archetype.

We all know what it is to experience heartbreak and yet…

…Only a select few of us understand what it is to truly heal this heartbreak.

(Just because you are currently in a “good” relationship does not mean that the heartbreak has gone away. In fact, it could be showing up in other aspects of your life.)

The archetype of heartbreak is what drives me each day. Assisting my clients in healing heartbreak (whether it is a from a recent heartbreak or a heartbreak that spans years or lifetimes) is one of my specialties. Helping people heal heartbreak by digging into past lives and healing at the soul-level is one of my most favorite things to do!

See, the heart is one of the most powerful and one of the most under-utilized tools that humanity has. When your heart is healed, it fuels your mind to be at full capacity and it can do wonderful things for your health, relationships, and finances too!

Your heart is truly your greatest asset and ally. It is the epicenter of your creativity.

If your heart is on board with whatever it is you want to do, you will have the strength and determination to move mountains!

With all of this, why do you think people choose to go on without fully healing their hearts?

Why do some of us sweep our pain under the rug, cross our fingers, and hope for the best? Why do some of us wallow in our pain using it as a shield against being hurt?

(These are the questions that ignite me!!)

What I have found is that heartbreak is alive and well due to a unconscious to follow what I call “The Laws of Love.”

The “Laws of Love” are illusions that separate you from love. “Laws of Love” are grounded in fear, separation from Truth, and are fueled by a lack of self-worth and feelings of uselessness. The “Laws of Love” are driven by conforming to circumstances and rules that you do not really like or agree with.

To shed light on the Laws of Love and to contribute to the healing of the archetype of heartbreak, I created a video series—-think reality show/documentary—called “The Universal Love Story.”

Watch the trailer for “The Universal Love Story” here:

By watching “The Universal Love Story” you will be enlightened to exactly what “The Laws of Love” are! You will find out how you can break these “Laws of Love!” And in doing so, you will connect more powerfully with your heart and contribute to the healing of collective heartbreak!!!

If this inspires you, please leave a comment on the video and share it with your friends and network!!

Thank you so much for reading. I will be in touch very soon with my own personal story of heartbreak and what is on the other side of healing it.

[Universal Love Story] Meet the Cast!

[Universal Love Story] Meet the Cast!

The Universal Love Story is a Love Renegades original video series that documents the lives of six courageous people who chose to have their sessions filmed with me over the course of three months. Each storyline consists of each cast member’s healing process choices as they BREAK FREE OF ILLUSIONS that separate them from love.

I am extremely grateful to each of my cast members for their unique contribution to The Universal Love Story. I am appreciative of both my producer and my loving husband for their ongoing love, support, and commitment to this heart-opening and life-changing project.

Anthony – He’s charming, talented, and ready to follow his dreams and find love in the process. Watch what unfolds for Anthony as he follows his personal legend. Click here to watch Anthony’s intro video:

Brit –  She’s gorgeous and knows exactly what she wants. She is willing to do whatever it takes to experience LOVE — on her terms. Watch what unfolds for Brit as she goes outside her comfort zone. Click here to watch Brit’s intro video:

Kiki – She’s a loving leader who runs a social enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya. Watch what unfolds for Kiki as she chooses to love and value herself in the same way she loves and values others. Click here to watch Kiki’s intro video:

Nicole – She’s a business owner, a single mom, and a non-conformist who chooses to break free of the constraints she’s experienced in her relationships. Watch what unfolds for Nicole as she stays true to herself and opens her heart to new insights on how she can access her Gifts. Click here to watch Nicole’s intro video:

Stacy –  She’s on an adventure in a new city and ready to go outside her comfort zone and transcend some negative patterns. Watch what unfolds for Stacy as she deals with change and confronts challenges. Click here to watch Stacy’s intro video:

Victoria – She’s a successful go-getter, single mom, and passionate activist who’s ready to say yes to having a partnership with a man who’s at her level. Watch Victoria’s journey unfold as she opens her heart and surrenders to the magic of love. Click here to watch Victoria’s intro video:

we are all connected

we are all connected

“The person you hate is actually an aspect of yourself that you hate.” 

I was with one of my spiritual mentors. The words that altered my entire world were spoken by her teacher.

At the time I was dealing with a lot of strong emotions. I felt that someone I loved was being treated horribly. I felt very angry. The situation seemed hopeless. I was very much consumed with a problem that did not directly affect me.

Those wise words got my attention. From that moment forth, I realized that if I did not start treating myself better—-how could I expect anyone to treat me or anyone I loved better?

All of us are connected.

The person you carry feelings of contempt or hatred toward represent a part of you in some form or another. And likewise, a person you love and admire represents traits that are either dormant or ignited within yourself.

Instead of judging your opinions or thoughts of another person, I invite you to love yourself and embrace the healing opportunity that this other person has brought forth for you.

The one-ness concept is a driving force in my newest project called “The Universal Love Story,” a video series that documents the lives of six people who courageously open their hearts to love and to the joyful creation of relationships and outcomes that reflect their heart’s desire.

If you are able to re-write your own personal love story and change the course of your life, then you play a role in the collective healing of “The Universal Love Story.”

That’s how powerful you are!

Take a moment to watch the teaser for “The Universal Love Story” and if you feel so moved, subscribe and share it with your friends!

See you soon!



What if it’s no one’s fault?

What if it’s no one’s fault?

Whether it happens within a friendship or an intimate relationship, breaking up is hard to do. The process of letting go of what once was can bring up a variety of emotions.

In the following video, I offer you the following:

– Loving insight to help you heal faster
– A perspective that can help you move forward with less anger and resentment

What the video below:

If you would like to have a free Heart Connection Session, I would love to set up a time for us to connect. Please do so by filling out an application here: . After I receive you application, I will be in touch via email to set up a time for us to connect.

Sending love!

Case Study—How she healed her heart and attracted Love! ❤️

Case Study—How she healed her heart and attracted Love! ❤️

Do you feel alone?  Like no one understands the heartache you endure?  Do you feel broken, stuck, and wonder what’s next for you?

When we have a broken heart, we can feel lost.

That’s very much how Lauren Wenzell first felt when she first reached out to me.

Lauren had no idea how she was going to break free of the betrayal she felt in her heart.  She did not know how she would heal from her painful breakup with the man she felt was the love of her life.

And yet—-Lauren prevailed. She healed her heart, reclaimed her power, and created her best relationship.

Watch Lauren’s story of soul-level healing, self-love, and attracting her dream relationship here:

What does this video inspire in you?  Do you see yourself in Lauren?  Reach out and let me know. I would LOVE to connect with you

Casting Call: Universal Love Story

Casting Call: Universal Love Story

Hi Beautiful Soul!

Want to know the main problem that my clients initially talk to me about?  We talk openly about their experiences with relationship pain, heartbreak, and betrayal. 

We shed light on the agitating—yet relatable—- ins and outs of the unpleasant emotions that are often in the forefront of intimate relationships and having your best love life.

These matters-of-the-heart are highly frustrating.  It sucks to endure the same situation over and over again and wonder, “How much more of this can I take?”

(Watch a video I created for you by clicking here.)

If you can relate, then…

  • …Are you ready to reconnect, discover, and shed light on your own personal love story—-your own unique way of experiencing a love life and a relationship that brings you joy and allows you to feel good about yourself?
  • …Are you ready to release all of the blocks—-the illusions—-that separate you from love?
  • …Are you ready to break free from your inner critic and have your best relationship?

If you answered yes, then it’s time for you to reclaim and re-invent your soul’s personal love story/your key to love and freedom in your intimate relationships!

As Love Psychic and founder of Love Renegades, I facilitate practical soul-level healing for heart-centered people who want the very best in their relationships and love lives. Through each client, I have found that plenty goes into having your best relationship and that what works for one person may not work for you.

Each personal love story contributes to the bigger picture, or the Universal Love Story.

Do you want to reclaim your personal love story and have your best relationship while making a positive impact on other peoples’ lives?

If your answer is yes, then join me as a lead cast member of my new project, a Love Renegades Video Series called the Universal Love Story where you will receive:

  • Aligned insight into your highest potential, inner magic, and soul gifts
  • Soul-level healing and ongoing energy clearing work to assist you in transforming negative relationship karma and attracting your desires
  • New levels of self-trust, self-confidence, and self-love
  • Freedom of illusions that separate you from love
  • Exclusive special investment pricing that is only available to cast members

If this resonates with you and if you want to learn more, then please fill out an application for a Heart Connection Session.

During our time together, we will connect about you, your heart, and your relationships and love life. I will shed light on what I feel is separating your from love. If I feel we are a good fit to work together, I will let you know how the Universal Love Story can help you. Apply here:

After I receive your application, I will be in touch via email to coordinate a video call or an in-person meeting for us.

I am so excited to connect with you about your personal love story and to assist you in having your best relationship and results that you love!

Sending love!!



It’s ok to be free ❤️

When was the last time you broke up with someone? What about the last time someone broke up with you?

Whether it’s divorce, an intimate partnership, or even a friendship—-I want you to know that it OK to be heartbroken.  It is OK to move on too. And yes, it is definitely possible to do both at once at the same time too!

As a Love Psychic and Healer, I see people struggle with resentment, grudges, and even guilt.

The pain of a breakup and the desire for fairness and justice is completely understandable.  It is healthy to acknowledge your heart’s pain and any emotions you are experiencing through your process.

It is freeing—-LIBERATING to release what separates you from love. Letting go is one of the most loving things that you can do for YOU.

During the Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi, I had the honor of speaking with a panel of women on the topic of “Driving the Future with Love, Caring, andForgiveness.”

Please watch the video below for loving wisdom burst on this subject.

I will be in touch very soon with footage from my “Letting Love Lead the Way” mini workshop.

True Heart Healing Awaits

Receive healing by watching six people on their heart healing journey as they become the protagonist in their own universal love story. 

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