Dear Self-Aware Soul,

Your heart is your greatest ally. When it is on board with what you are doing, then nothing (not heartbreak, failure, or fear) can bring you down.

For this reason, I offer you an opportunity to reconnect with your heart with a FREE Heart Connection Session.

In this high value conversation, delivered on the phone or via video conferencing, you will receive the following:

❤️Illumination into what your next chapter of LOVE looks and feels like to you—whether this is a new relationship, a newfound sense of fulfillment and wholeness, a new result—- or all of the above 😊

❤️Insight into the “real reason” you feel blocked or held back from having the experiences that you crave in your relationships and life circumstances

❤️Practical next steps to bring your desire into being

A Heart Connection Session is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your true essence and tap into your light, your inner Love Renegade. If I feel that I can serve you, I will let you know about how we can partner together to make your dream relationship and circumstances a reality.

To get started, please fill out the application below. I will be in touch within two business days to coordinate a time for your session.

As a gentle reminder, please know that your answers do not have to be perfect. There are no right or wrong answers. This is a powerful first step to reconnecting with your heart so that you can have a life of magic and relationships that reflect your soul’s true essence.

Sending you blessings of love and courage as you fill out your application.

Love Renegade Blessings,


Dear Heart-centered & Loving Soul,

Are you fed up with being frustrated and stuck in your love life and relationships? Did you know that a new approach—-something truly revolutionary—-awaits you? In a Love Myth Breakthrough Session, a free session available delivered by phone or Skype, you will discover:

  • Love myths and illusions that are making your love life less than savory
  • Practical actions that you can put into place immediately to have your best relationship
  • Wise counsel to transform relationship karma

To get started, simply fill out the application below.

I will email you within 24-48 hours to let you know whether or not your application has been accepted. If I determine that I can serve you, we will coordinate a time for you to have your session.

Thank you!

Love Renegade Blessings,


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