Break the Laws of Love

Dear Love Renegade,

You are a rare bird. You want to embrace your uniqueness and fly, but something stops you. And that same thing that stops you, gets in the way of you having the experience that you want in your love life, your romantic relationships, and maybe even in your professional life. 

You are tired of over-explaining yourself and it hurts your heart to feel so misunderstood. Some days you wonder when you are going to really believe that you are enough and yet… you having a knowing deep knowing that things can be so much better than they currently are. 

Really, what you need is to BREAK THE LAWS OF LOVE™, a Love Renegade’s term for healing your heart and gaining the self-truth and self-confidence to say NO to everything and everyone who separates you from love and to yes to being your most unapologetic self—the part of you that manifests real and tangible LOVE in your romantic life, your relationships, and life circumstances.  

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It’s time for you to break the laws of love and create a relationship on your terms!

How can I help you break the Laws of Love?

Be a Love Renegade

Heal and transform your relationship karma through reconnecting with your soul and making waves as you let go of illusions and limitations.

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“When I first reached out to Lauren, I was damaged emotionally. I felt empty and like my heart and soul had been torn apart. Lauren helped me heal my heart, and I developed self-love and confidence quickly. My relationships are SO much better now, and I even tripled my income!” Sara ~ Illinois

The Benefits of Being a Love Renegade

Break the Laws of Love

Break free from all limitations and create your dream love life ON YOUR TERMS!


Experience the freedom of a healed heart. What would be possible if nothing held you back?

Sacred Boundaires

Learn how to stand up for yourself, set boundaries, and receive love!

Doormat Recovery

Learn when to say no, how to detect manipulation, and when to be assertive !

Inner Wisdom

Tap into your inner Love Renegade and instantly connect to your inner wisdom and intuition. 

Unapologetically You

You are beautiful just as you are. Your messiness can be your mastery. 


If you are ready to open your heart to experiencing new levels of love, then apply for a Heart Connection Session, a free coaching session that is delivered on via video or phone. During our time together, you will:

*Receive clear insight into exactly what is getting in your way

*Shed light on what you really want and what is next for you 

*Practical steps that you can put into practice immediately.

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My name is Lauren Kay Wyatt, and I am the Founder of Love Renegades, a coaching company that shows soul-driven, self-aware individuals how to harness their intuition to create authentic, romantic relationships on their terms. 

Since 2012, I have worked directly with hundreds of people to heal their hearts and break “the laws of love,” a Love Renegades term for reconnecting with letting go of “other people’s advice” to enable you to use your heart, intuition, and spiritual power to create and grow a romantic relationship – something most of us struggle to do – irrespective of our profession, title, or earnings. 

Through applying my conscious, intuitive principles, I have witnessed my clients step into worthiness, set powerful boundaries, and create an abundance of love for themselves – which translates into deeper, long-lasting connection with intimate partners.

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