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Break the Laws of Relationship™

Healing is the most high vibe act of rebellion.


If you are tired of feeling dismissed, fed up with being invisible to love, and if the state of your relationship(s) drains you to no end, then it is time for a LOVE REVOLUTION.

It’s time to Break the Laws of Relationship™, six universal patterns of illusion that separate you from love and cause chaos, disruption, and turmoil in your relationships and create blocks in your personal and professional success.  

1.) Law of Control

2.) Law of Sacrifice

3.) Law of Drama

4.) Law of Perfection

5.) Law of Absorption

6.) Law of Satisfaction 

To shed light on what these Laws of Relationship™ are, I created a very low budget (and content rich lol) web-series in 2017 called “The Universal Love Story” that demonstrates each Law of Relationship™ in action through the recorded sessions of six courageous clients.

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“When I first reached out to Lauren, I was damaged emotionally. I felt empty and like my heart and soul had been torn apart. Lauren helped me heal my heart, and I developed self-love and confidence quickly. My relationships are SO much better now, and I even tripled my income!” Sara ~ Illinois

The Benefits of Being a Love Renegade


Break the “laws of relationship” and receive incredible love!


Healing is the most high vibe act of rebellion.

Set Sacred Boundaires

Learn how to stand up for yourself, set boundaries, and receive love!

Doormat Recovery

Learn how to say no and identify and handle draining and/or manipulative people.

Genuine Confidence

Zero posturing. Just you at your best.

Unapologetically You

You are beautiful just as you are. What you perceive as your flaws could be your biggest strength.

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Love Renegades is a coaching company owned and operated by Lauren Kay Wyatt. The mission of Love Renegades is to assist self-aware individuals in reclaiming their love stories by healing their hearts and freeing themselves from outdated terms of agreement called the “laws of love” that are based on incongruent social, familial, and cultural structures and expectations, that cause us distress when we engage with them. 

The philosophy of love renegades is such that when we break the laws of relationship™, we engage in healing, the most high vibe act of rebellion. This sacred act of defiance addresses and says no to patterns and programing in the collective that keep us unknowingly stuck in patterns that cause distress, heartbreak, and frustration in our intimate relationship—to ourselves and others. 

Through applying  conscious, intuitive principles of Love Renegades, Lauren has witnessed her clients step into worthiness, set powerful boundaries, and create an abundance of love for themselves – which translates into deeper, long-lasting connection with intimate partners and into an acceleration of income at work. 

Lauren Kay Wyatt is a master coach who began as a Love Psychic in 2012. Lauren is fascinated with what makes people tick and has created programs such as Love Mastery for Your Highest Potential, the Love Renegades Coaching Program, and Soul-level Healing for Your Broken Heart. Lauren is the also the creator of “The Universal Love Story,” a documentary/reality tv/cast study project that features sessions with clients in filmed in real-time that sheds light on each law of love and whether or not the clients breaks their primary law of love.  You can watch “The Universal Love Story” by signing up for the Love Renegades Newsletter. 

As a result of working directly with hundreds of clients since 2012, Lauren discovered what she now calls the “Laws of Relationship” and the detrimental effects these “laws” have on a person’s general well-being and levels of happiness within their relationships, health, and career. As a Love Renegade, Lauren assists her clients in identifying the “laws of relationship” and receiving incredible LOVE in their romantic and professional lives. You can find out which law of relationship™ you need to break at

Lauren’s personal story is such that she grew up not having solid “proof” of her intuitive abilities and as a result, did not cultivate self-trust. This lack of trust made its way into her romantic relationships and impacted her negatively in her career and in her physical and emotional health. Lauren healed her body and her broken heart. She reclaimed her power, and now has vibrant health, a loving and connected marriage, and a business that she loves.