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Dear Love Renegade,

You have the capacity to love deeply and profoundly. You are sensitive and awake. You have an awareness of your intuition. You have big dreams and you see things quite differently from most people. And yet…your romantic life does not reflect your inner magic. 

Instead, you experience being unappreciated and sometimes taken advantage of. And no matter how much self-reflection, therapy, or inner work you do—and no matter how many random acts of kindness you engage in—you still feel baffled in your love life. 

You are tired of feeling disillusioned and frustrated. You want things to change. At times you may feel like your romantic relationships (or lack thereof) is the bane of your existence! Sometimes you may experience bouts of jealously, resentment, and frustration. You may cry “Why does this happen to me?”

Believe me, I know because I have been there. I have felt this pain. I know the devastation of a broken heart. I know what it feels like to have shattered dreams. Let me assure you that what you desire to attract—the LOVE, the SOUL CONNECTION, the co-manifestation with your partner, a soul-aligned dating process, a crave-worthy existence—all of this is a change and revolution away! 

Hi, I am Lauren Kay Wyatt. I am the Director of Love Renegades and an Intuitive Coach. Since 2012, I worked directly with hundreds of people where I help them heal their hearts and create their ideal relationship by “breaking the laws of relationship.” The Laws of Relationship™ are six negative patterns rooted in illusion and the collective unconscious that separate amazing people like you from love. 

By knowing what these laws of relationship are, you are empowered to be the protagonist in your own love story! And I should know! None of this would have been possible if I had not chosen to break the laws of relationship myself. In 2008 I attracted circumstances that were soul-crushing and really wrecked my self-esteem.

A longterm relationship had ended. I had a broken heart and continued to undergo letdown after letdown in my professional life. I was betrayed by people I trusted—family members and close friends. To top it off, my physical health was not great either. I was in a personal and spiritual crisis. I barely had any will to live.

Like many of my clients, I had unconsciously been abiding by the Laws of Relationship—think of these as soul-crushing, dream-squelching, FALSE TRUTHS, relationship-sabotaging illusions—that encouraged me to conform and live a status quo existence. 

In other words, I was making choices that violated my personal integrity, sacrificed my own principles. This left me feeling powerless, awful about myself, and deeply alone. In 2009, when my body presented with a major health issue, I decided it was time to heal.

Now I did not know it at the time, but when I committed to my own healing, I connected with my inner Love Renegade. Like many of my clients, I freed myself from my own self-imposed prison, reclaimed my life, and enacted the most high vibe act of rebellion: healing. 

By connecting to my inner Love Renegade, the most sacred part of my soul–the part that encourages me to think outside-the-box to create an ideal relationship and circumstances that I love—I broke the laws of relationship and received incredible healing, deep Love, and created an amazing relationship with my now-husband, Daniel!

Please understand that these changes did not occur by accident! My clients and I were not “lucky.” We were successful because we made conscious choices to heal and do things differently. We called upon our inner Love Renegade, the radical free thinker and maverick within us that dared us to be our true selves and BREAK THE LAWS OF RELATIONSHIP!

Are you curious to know what it looks like to unknowingly be under the influence of the Laws of Relationship? Do you want to know more about what the Laws of Relationship are and how you break the Laws of Relationship to powerfully heal and create LOVE, on your terms?

To shed light on what these Laws of Relationship are, I created a web-series in 2017 called “The Universal Love Story” that goes in-depth into each Law of Relationship (formerly called the Laws of Love) through the journey of six courageous clients who agreed to share their journey with you! 

By watching the “Universal Love Story,” you will watch six real people choose whether or not they will follow the guidance and…

❤️Break the Laws of Relationship (formerly called the laws of love)

❤️Reconnect with their Love Renegade 

❤️Transform their current reality to reflect more of they Love

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“When I first reached out to Lauren, I was damaged emotionally. I felt empty and like my heart and soul had been torn apart. Lauren helped me heal my heart, and I developed self-love and confidence quickly. My relationships are SO much better now, and I even tripled my income!” Sara ~ Illinois

The Benefits of Being a Love Renegade


Break the “laws of relationship” and receive incredible love!


Healing is the most high vibe act of rebellion.

Set Sacred Boundaires

Learn how to stand up for yourself, set boundaries, and receive love!

Doormat Recovery

Learn how to say no and identify and handle draining and/or manipulative people.

Genuine Confidence

Zero posturing. Just you at your best.

Unapologetically You

You are beautiful just as you are. What you perceive as your flaws could be your biggest strength.

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Love Renegades is a coaching company owned and operated by Lauren Kay Wyatt. The mission of Love Renegades is to assist self-aware individuals in reclaiming their love stories by healing their hearts and freeing themselves from outdated terms of agreement called the “laws of love” that are based on incongruent social, familial, and cultural structures and expectations, that cause us distress when we engage with them. 

The philosophy of love renegades is such that when we break the laws of relationship, we engage in healing, the most high vibe act of rebellion. This sacred act of defiance addresses and says no to patterns and programing in the collective that keep us unknowingly stuck in patterns that cause distress, heartbreak, and frustration in our intimate relationship—to ourselves and others. 

Through applying  conscious, intuitive principles of Love Renegades, Lauren has witnessed her clients step into worthiness, set powerful boundaries, and create an abundance of love for themselves – which translates into deeper, long-lasting connection with intimate partners and into an acceleration of income at work. 

Lauren Kay Wyatt is a coach who began as a Love Psychic in 2012. Lauren is fascinated with what makes people tick and has created programs such as Love Mastery for Your Highest Potential, the Love Renegades Coaching Program, and Soul-level Healing for Your Broken Heart. Lauren is the also the creator of “The Universal Love Story,” a documentary/reality tv/cast study project that features sessions with clients in filmed in real-time that sheds light on each law of love and whether or not the clients breaks their primary law of love.  You can watch “The Universal Love Story” by signing up for the Love Renegades Newsletter. 

As a result of working directly with hundreds of clients since 2012, Lauren discovered what she now calls the “Laws of Relationship” and the detrimental effects these “laws” have on a person’s general well-being and levels of happiness within their relationships, health, and career. As a Love Renegade, Lauren assists her clients in identifying the “laws of relationship” and receiving incredible LOVE in their romantic and professional lives. You can find out which law of relationship you need to break at

Lauren’s personal story is such that she grew up not having solid “proof” of her intuitive abilities and as a result, did not cultivate self-trust. This lack of trust made its way into her romantic relationships and impacted her negatively in her career and in her physical and emotional health. Lauren healed her body and her broken heart. She reclaimed her power, and now has vibrant health, a loving and connected marriage, and a business that she loves.  

True Heart Healing Awaits

Receive healing by watching six people on their heart healing journey as they become the protagonist in their own universal love story. 

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